Army of the Dead Ending Explained – Zack Snyder’s Another Nihilistic Approach

Army of The Dead Ending Explained – Zack Snyder's Another Nihilistic Approach
Army of The Dead Ending Explained – Zack Snyder's Another Nihilistic Approach

Army of the Dead movie in itself is a historic feat. It has become the first OTT-based movie to get a nationwide theatrical release. As icing on the cake, Zack Snyder took the mantle of direction for this production. And you know, when Zack Snyder injects himself, the movie will be nothing less than shocking, enthralling, and for some, mind-boggling.

Similar is the case of Army of the Dead, as what seems like a routine retrieval mission turns out to be a preplanned ploy by a prominent figurehead.

The ensemble cast of Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, and Ana de la Reguera are put into a scrambling situation where their survival chances are looking bleak. Ward’s team has to be intelligent, precise, and adapt a pinpoint approach in the most heinous circumstances.

Army of the Dead Ending Explained

Army of the Dead’s ending is full of adrenaline rush with only one hour to escape and avoid any zombie infection. So if you’ve got any questions regarding it and missed the conclusion to it, we are here for you.

In this Army of the Dead ending explained article, we will be answering the most asked questions for the movie’s wind-up. Let’s take each of them and dissect them individually.

So Who Survived?

Much of the cast was wiped out in the finale showdown against Zeus, the zombie leader, and nuclear attack. Things happened so fast that we weren’t able to catch on to who survived. Casualties are imminent in such a mission; however, at the rate, they occurred; especially in the last moments, was something you’d expect from Zack Snyder’s creation.

Most of the members of the group suffered death. However, Tanaka and Kate managed to ensure their survival. It looks like Vanderohe also escaped his death by using a tunnel system to get out of the place.

Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t able to make it after getting bitten by Zeus. His daughter had to shoot him down so that he doesn’t die as a zombie.

What Was the Real Reason Behind Heist?

Although Tanaka mentioned retrieving 200 Million$ from his vault as a primary mission, he was cooking something from behind. He sent his right-hand man Martin with the team to take the head of Zeus’ bride.

He wanted to sell her head to the government, which tried to create their Army of zombies. However, his plan never came to fruition since the head of the bride got smeared into pieces.

Vanderohe is Still Alive

What’s Next?

Even though Zeus is dead, it doesn’t seem like the country has any slight sigh of relief. They might not know it, but a vast calamity is approaching them in the form of Vanderohe. He’s bitten by a zombie and now escaping out of the city through a tunnelling system.

On his way, he may infect other people and cause a zombie outbreak in the outskirts of Las Vegas. This can potentially propagate to the entire country.

So we may get a sequel to Army of the Dead since many of the plot threads are still left. Potentially we can see Kate again and Tanaka’s new plan after the colossal loss he suffered in this expedition.

We hope we answered your most lingering questions, but let us know if you’ve got a few more comments below. For more movie-related stuff, make sure to follow us on social media.

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