Armie Hammer Slams Cannibalism Promises: I Do NOT Want to Consume People today!


Hollywood cheating scandals are a dime a dozen, and typically, the only point that variations is the names of the principal players.

So in a way, you’ve gotta hand it to Armie Hammer for switching up the formula in these types of a memorable vogue.

But you should not actually give him your hand — or you may well never see it yet again.

Yes, as you’ve likely heard by now, we learned this 7 days that Armie has some quite uncommon kinks in the bed room.

Specifically, Hammer has a cannibalism fetish that was uncovered in a series of leaked DMs to the gals with whom he allegedly cheated on his spouse.

(He and Elizabeth Chambers divided in July of 2020 pursuing 10 decades of relationship.)

We really should add that claims relating to Hammer’s fantasies about grilling up human flesh are basically accusations at this position, and the actor now appears to be suggesting that the “proof” — those freaky leaked DMs — is completely bogus.

In mild of the news, the father of two stepped away from an forthcoming film project in which he would have co-starred with Jennifer Lopez.

Having said that, although several took the transfer as an admission of guilt, Hammer adopted up with a assertion in which he claims that the allegations towards him are entirely fake.

“I am not responding to these bulls–t promises, but in mild of the vicious and spurious on the net assaults against me, I can’t, in good conscience now, leave my youngsters for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic,” Armie tells E! Information in a assertion.

“Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I am grateful to them for that,” he additional.

“Supplied the imminent get started date of Shotgun Marriage ceremony, Armie has requested to stage away from the movie and we guidance him in his choice,” Lionsgate stated in a separate statement.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more lousy news for Hammer as the Every day Mail has obtained footage that allegedly reveals Hammer drinking while driving and licking a white, powdery compound off a friend’s hand.

“Sh-t is getting weird,” Hammer says in just one clip.

That would seem to be a remarkable understatement.

“He constantly preferred to consume, do medicines, but under no circumstances like this,” just one insider tells the Mail.

Responding to stories that Hammer’s ex-wife is “stunned and sickened” by these modern experiences, a further resource stated:

“Armie had a total other side to him that she wasn’t aware of. Whether or not it was usually there and he held it hidden, or a little something occurred that altered him totally, she will not know.”

As for the DMs in which Hammer talks about chopping women’s toes off and drinking their blood, it looks that admirers desperately want them to be phony, but it’s looking far more and a lot more like they are legit.

Some hope for the pro-Hammer people appeared on Twitter Sunday, when the @houseofeffie account that posted the original allegations versus Armie seemed to backpedal on these promises.

“Alright okay, I confess it. It really is all faux,” the consumer shared on Sunday, Jan. 10. “But it was humorous wasn’t it?”  

Shortly thereafter, however, the person stated that that article was fraudulent and indicated that they stand by their authentic tale.

“Mad supporters went so significantly as to faux a DM by me.”

Further harming Hammer’s claim is the truth that Jessica Ciencin Henriquez — who appears to have briefly dated Hammer in excess of the summer time — mentioned that she believes the leaked DMs “are genuine.”

“I am looking at a whole lot of posts likely all-around about how I am a male-hater and I would just like to make clear: Indeed. I appreciate ladies, I respect ladies… I stand by women of all ages, and I loathe adult men who really don’t,” she later additional.

A little something tells us there are additional peculiar allegations about Hammer are soon to emege.

We are going to go on to offer updates to this creating tale as new information gets obtainable.

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