Armie Hammer Requests Ex Elizabeth Chambers & Kids Return to U.S. as He Documents for Joint Custody

Armie Hammer Requests Ex Elizabeth Chambers & Kids Return to U.S. as He Files for Joint Custody

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers‘ divorce has just taken a twist.

After declaring their separation in July, the 34-year old actor has filed for joint custody of his children and is asking that Elizabeth, 38, go back to the usa with their own kids.

Elizabeth and children Harper, 5, and also Ford, 3, are quarantining from the Cayman Islands for the last several months. Armie returned to Los Angeles soon after they announced their separation.

“Since the coronavirus pandemic totaled from the USA, Elizabeth and Armie chosen to remain with their children briefly from the Cayman Islands in which the stunt seemed to be under better control,” Armie‘s attorneys stated in legal records, as stated by the Blast. “Armie returned to Los Angeles last July, with a guarantee from Elizabeth that the kids would follow soon afterwards. So far, however, Elizabeth and the kids stay in the Cayman Islands and Armie hasn’t seen the kids in many months today.”

Also in the filing, Armie stated,”After I inquired Elizabeth if she had been coming home, but she told me the airports were shut. Then I was educated through her lawyers who flights were only limited but she and our kids are back in Los Angeles about the very first trip in October.”

He continued,”It’s now a few weeks into October and they haven’t returned.”

Armie was spotted outside with a single famous celeb only a couple of weeks before, and after that was spotted with a different celeb’s ex a very brief time afterwards.

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