Armie Hammer Reflects on”Wake-Up Call” That Led Me to find Help

Like many people this season, Armie Hammer hasn’t been fine. And that is fine.

The 34-year old celebrity, who had been recently seen from the Rebecca movie reboot, talked in British GQ’s 2020’s GQ Heroes occasion concerning his psychological health conflicts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie interview has been published on Wednesday, October 28.

“I believe like everybody else on Earth, I felt like the carpet was torn from beneath my feet and I felt as though I really could sense it happening in slow motion, like the carpet was being torn out of my toes and I had been falling face-first and that I was gon na na crush my head on the floor,” Hammer told the socket. “I felt as though I had been in a country of such as, totally free autumn virtually. Like it had been simply, it was very hard.”

“I’d a wake-up telephone daily,” he explained. “I had an extremely intense wake-up phone daily and I understood I had more assistance than I understood. I phoned a buddy of mineBrendan, that works in mental health and that I was like,’Dude, it is bad. It is bad for mepersonally,’ and he goes,’I understand, it is bad for anybody,’ and I go,’Yeah, but actually not great for me, just like I am having a very difficult time.  I really don’t understand what the reply to this is’  And then he ended up putting me on the telephone with a therapist that I began working with numerous times each week simply to get me sort of like the catastrophe component of what was happening.”

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