Armie Hammer Controversy: Check All Latest Updates You Need to Know

armie hammer controversy

After a woman claiming to have had an intimate relationship with Armie Hammer created an Instagram account detailing their allegedly bizarre sexual exchanges, the actor found himself at the center of a big controversy. The woman also provided screenshots of allegedly sexual conversations between Hammer and many women via Instagram direct messages. While most people wouldn’t be shocked by such dirty language or sexting in 2021, the alleged conversations included rape fantasies, a wish to inflict damage on his buddies, and a statement in which the actor said he was “100% a cannibal.”

These charges, which emerged on the unnamed @houseofeffie Instagram account, expose a side of the Call Me By Your Name actor that many fans may not be aware of. While it is yet to be proven that the direct messages were from Hammer’s account, his ex-girlfriend recently validated some of the charges made against him. She disclosed their sexual relationship, his dominant nature, and the alleged emotional abuse she endured during their relationship.

The Charges Impact His Professional Standing.

armie hammer controversy

Since the DM story surfaced, Hammer has withdrawn from the forthcoming Jennifer Lopez-starring romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding. He issued a statement explaining why he was no longer involved with the production. Hammer said in a statement to Variety, “I cannot in good conscience leave my children for four months to film a film in the Dominican Republic in light of the vicious and baseless online attacks against me.” “I’m not responding to these ridiculous claims, but in light of the vicious and baseless online attacks against me, I cannot leave my children for four months to film a film in the Dominican Republic.” I am appreciative of Lionsgate’s assistance in this endeavor. A spokeswoman for the production stated, “He has asked to be removed from the film, and we support his choice.”

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The “house of Effie” Instagram Account Was Designed to Raise Awareness of The Actor’s Name.

On the Instagram account @houseofeffie, many images of messages reportedly received from Armie Hammer’s account to different women were posted. Several of the messages had references to rape, BDSM, and cannibalism. We won’t publish all of the screenshots since they are unpleasant, but one of them stated, “Your whole purpose in life is to follow and serve me. If I sliced off one of your toes and carried it in my pocket so I could always have a bit of you?”

More Ladies Began to Support Effie’s House’s Arguments.

armie hammer controversy

Other women with whom Hammer had intimate relationships began to speak forward. In September, barely months after his divorce, Hammer was spotted on a lunch date with writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez. A month later, their brief affair apparently ended, and she published an Instagram screenshot to prove she had blocked him. “If you’re still debating whether or not those Armie Hammer direct messages are real (and they are), perhaps you should examine why we live in a culture that gives abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims,” the author writes.

She tweeted sympathy for the lady behind the House of Effie account earlier this month. TW/ sexism.” She supposedly tweeted, “Because some of you made it to adulthood without realizing what this is.” The definition of abuse is “the cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.”

Several People Defended the Actor.

Despite the allegations, some individuals continue to support the actor. When internet allegations were made against the actor, former Disney Channel actress Bella Thorne and other admirers rushed to his defense. She remarked in an Instagram Stories post, “I honestly cannot believe this…” People are mad for fabricating such rubbish about this terrible father and his children as if they should be abandoned. He is not a CANNIBAL in any way.” “In addition, a million fake screenshots are spreading,” she added. Now that they are aware of the actor’s sexual preferences, some have distributed disturbing memes and jokes expressing a desire to meet him. Despite the grave allegations, others are seeking to attract his attention by sending him direct messages.

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His Career Is Harmed by The Allegations.

armie hammer controversy

Hammer has withdrawn from the forthcoming romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, in which he was set to play with Jennifer Lopez, following the DM incident. He released a statement announcing his departure from the project. Hammer responded to Variety, “I am not responding to these ridiculous allegations.” “However, due to the vicious and false internet assaults against me, I can no longer leave my children in the Dominican Republic for four months to film a movie.” I am grateful for Lionsgate’s support in this matter. According to a representative for the production, he has “requested to withdraw from the film, and we support his choice.”

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