Ari Lennox Speaks About Buddy Alleged Abuser & the shortage Of Police Assistance To secure Her: F**k These Useless Cops

Ari Lennox Speaks About Friend's Alleged Abuser & The Lack Of Police Assistance To Protect Her: F**k These Useless Cops

Ari Lennox Speaks About Buddy’s Alleged Abuser And The Lack Of Police Assistance To Protect Her

Singer Ari Lennox includes a couple of choice words to the absence of police participation at a buddy’s situation where she seems to be constantly plagued with a former boyfriend. Back in September, Aziza Murphy, also a near buddy of Ari Lennox shared screenshots of all anger-filled messages by a guy she called Seti Yasin and noticed in case anything occurred to her (especially when she expired ), she called him as the guilty party.


Ari Lennox

From the conversation, she suggested he used different aliases and detailed a number of the perverted behaviour she states he revealed after she ended their relationship:

When I perish, I need all to understand it had been Seti Yasin. He moves from Seti, Ramses, Destiny Wilkerson, Dashawn, or Sean. Him and him obsolete until a couple of days back. He moved through my telephone and I finished the relationship. He dropped him off at the railway station and he showed up in my residence.

Aziza Murphy proceeds to give additional information in a different tweet:

He awakened my window. Broke into my home and stole my secrets. Later he left he began calling me nonstop. He predicted 1,065 times in 24 hours). He is calling me out of bogus numbers. He’s been calling my ex-husband’s household. Regaining my exes, my father, my occupation. Composing my buddies.


Ari Lennox has likewise taken into Twitter to discuss her ideas and apparent issues with the scenario and the way the neighborhood police department hasn’t been useful. She started her off trio of tweets about the topic together with:

I have noticed how fake that the world wide web is in real time. I have seen a guy make continuous article [s] speaking about”shield black girls” then turn around and misuse my buddy. NOBODY could be reliable.

She stated in her following tweet which the police division and the FBI don’t appear to wish to help her buddy Aziza Murphy together with her clear harassment scenario:

I have observed Bowie police department, police department and also the fbi do a d*mn f**king entity to help my buddy. I have seen them her and gaslight and become extremely disrespectful. It’s consistently and really f**k those unworthy a** cops.



Ari‘s closing tweet about the topic ardently revealed her frustration with the machine as a whole. She explained:

And most surprisingly of I have seen self-conscious a** raggedy that a ** two Hopkins passion my buddy rather than helping her if she wanted it the most. You’re the issue. You’re complicit with Aziza’s abuse.

At the most recent development, Aziza was fired from her job as a consequence of this ex constantly calling and showing up at her office. But after sharing her expertise on social networking and informing of her disagreement about work, she put a GoFundMe account. Donations in the sum of 12,015 imply that in three times, her aim of $10,000 handed the mark and now has just over $12,000.

Which are the ideas about Ari Lennox’s pleas for help for her buddy Aziza Murphy? Sound off in the comments!