Brett and Xanthi: The Circle’s Most Loved Couple Are They Dating?

are xanthi and brett dating

Brett and Xanthi are being talked about as a couple on The Circle, where they play Jennifer and a catfish. People who watch the show say they make a “cute couple” and seem to really hope they end up together.

They both lost in the first episode of season 5, but they both came back for episode 2 to play together. Even though they seem to be just friends on the Netflix competition, people think they’re dating because of how well they get along.

we did a lot of digging to find out if they kept in touch after filming, so let’s take a closer look at what they said to each other.

Dating Rumors

are xanthi and brett dating

Brett and Xanthi’s appearances on The Circle season 5 have led to dating rumors. Fans hope that they’re more than just friends when the cameras aren’t rolling because of how much they laugh and bond while living together.

Since neither of them has said for sure that they are dating, it seems likely that they are just friends. But they do follow each other on Instagram, talk on the phone, and often comment on each other’s IG posts.

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On “The Circle” Who Is Brett?

are xanthi and brett dating

For some Big Brother fans, Brett is known for laughing at his crude joke of spelling out “anal lice” during a jumbled word competition, even though he knew exactly what he was doing. Brett wasn’t afraid to say what he thought either.

It might be harder for him to show his special kind of charm to the other people in the Circle. But we can bet that he will try.

Brett has put a lot of effort into his role as a social media influencer outside of The Circle. Brett has a lot of fans on Instagram and TikTok, and it’s not clear if he still works in cyber security like he used to. He also sells online access to his own 20-minute workouts, in case you want more Brett after watching The Circle.


The Cute Couple Is Admired by “The Circle” Fans

Fans of The Circle have talked about how “cute” it is that Xanthi and Brett are friends. Many people are hoping that living together for weeks has made their relationship more romantic. Fans straight away went on Twitter……

One viewer tweeted, “So when are they going to tell us that Brett and Xanthi are dating?”

Another person wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Brett and Xanthi started dating for real after they leave.”

” Her telling him how she likes her eggs while he was making them was the clincher for me, lol,” said another fan.

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Why do Fans believe They Are Dating?

This Cute Banters of The Couple Makes Us Believe They Are Dating………

Brett called Xanthi “the man-eater” in her Instagram comments four weeks ago, to which she replied, “Yes babyyyy.” On January 5, she also posted a screenshot of them FaceTiming on her Story.

They always talk to each other in the comments section. In a recent post, she said she was “running late.” Brett replied that she “probably had to pee,” to which she replied, “You’re not completely wrong.”

Brett also wrote on Instagram Stories, “So if you’re wondering if she likes you or not, I’ll tell you exactly how to figure it out.” Brett added:

If she doesn’t always say, “Oh, that must have been one of your other girlfriends,” then she doesn’t like you at all and is probably sleeping with someone else.

But neither Xanthi nor Brett have added any new photos to their feed. The Greek girl lives in Massachusetts, and he lives in Oakdale, Connecticut. That’s more than a two-hour drive between them. Even so, love still wins, right?


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