Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson more than friends?

Emma Watson and Tom

Tom Felton and Emma Watson

For quite some time now, the co-stars of the Harry Potter are on the news. And the cherry on the cake is that the fans feel that the co-stars are in a relationship. The fans have their doubts regarding the fact that Emma Watson and Tom Felton are dating. There is a highly likely chance that the couple is still dating one another.

Recently, Emma Watson gave the fans a glimpse of Tom and Emma’s new photo on the internet. The picture suggests that the co-stars are having the time of their lives together. And this made the fans start speculating the inception of a rejuvenating romance.

On the other hand, Emma Watson has completed the shooting for the forthcoming movie, namely “Little Women”. Moreover, she also made a post of her beautiful photos in black & white. Additionally, she also put a caption on the picture saying, friends usually capture the best of images. Emma Watson was also seen tagging Tom Felton.

Are Emma and Tom more than friends?

Fans are trying different theorems to prove that Emma and Tom are in a relationship with each other. So far, neither of the actors told the fans that they are together or that they are in deep love. It is currently not known if the actors are dating as their relationship status is still a mystery.

However, Emma Watson is spending quite a lot of like with Tom Felton, lately. Friends indeed spend a lot of time with each other; nevertheless, Tom and Emma are usually seen together everywhere they go. It is exceptionally natural the first in the first phase of getting into a relationship need a lot of time. And this might be the case with both Tom & Emma.

Moreover, the Potterheads are excited that Draco and Miss Granger might be dating each other.

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