Are Tammy Slaton And Caleb Willingham Still Together? A Look At Their Relationship

Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham are known to have been in a romantic relationship for some time now, but their current relationship status is what fans are eager to find out as the couple has been going through a difficult time together.

Who Is Tammy Slaton?

Are Tammy and caleb still together

Tammy Slaton Is a famous American Tv personality, Youtuber, entrepreneur, and content creator. She is from Dixon, Kentucky, United States of America. Tammy is well known for her appearance on the 1000-LB reality television show alongside her sister Amy Slaton.

1000-LB follows the excursion of the two sisters as they try to shade enough pounds to meet the requirements for bariatric medical procedures. Tammy and her sister were raised by their single mother and they have been suffering from obesity for a long time.

The sisters arrived where their lives have been placed on getting more for and losing weight and Tammy has been known to be suffering from health-related issues from her childhood.

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Are Tammy Slaton And Caleb Willingham Still Together?

Are Tammy and caleb still together

Yes, Tammy and Caleb are still together. Tammy has had quite an enormous relationship in the past but she has confirmed her relationship with Caleb. It is very clear that the couple is happy together following an Instagram post she shared along with the caption “My Everything”.

Fans were happy to see Tammy was I’m a loving relationship with Caleb. After her announcement rumors began making waves that the couple are about to break up but they are just rumors as the couple looked very happy together.

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Tammy Slaton And Caleb Willingham’s Relationship Journey

Are Tammy and caleb still together

Tammy and Caleb had known each other for just three weeks before he proposed to her. His proposal came as a shock to her but she said yes after having been speechless. The couple married two weeks later at the center where they had met.

Caleb hails from Evansville, Indiana he is known to be friends with other TLC stars including Meghan Crumpler from 1000-Lb. The couple has been together since November 2022 and appears to be going on strong.

Where Did Tammy And Caleb First Met?

Tammy and Caleb reportedly first meet at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Ohio. She confirmed to People that she had married Caleb at the Windsor center where Caleb is a fellow patient at the center for weight loss treatment.

Tammy and Caleb reportedly hit it up after she entered the center for her food addiction in November 2021. It’s still unclear how long Caleb has been at the center but it looks like they formed a deep understanding between them during their time at the center.

Tammy has not shared a lot of information regarding Caleb it’s clear the two are in love with each other. Their wedding ceremony took place in a small ceremony at the rehabilitation center but it was a big moment for Tammy and Caleb as well.

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