Are Pauly D And Nikki Hall Still Together? Are Their Breakup Rumors True?

Nikki Hall and Pauly D have come a long way since they met first on MTV’s Double shot at Love and were fans’ favorites from the very on set. The Audience loved the chemistry between the Jamaican queen and the Jersey Shore OG on camera, which caused fans to root for their success.

Although they have had their share of rough times including Pauly D initially deciding not to get into a relationship with Nikki at the end of Double Shot at Love Season One. But the couple rose to the challenge and held up strong and overcame the challenge.

Since October 2020, Nikki and Pauly have been solid but fans have been speculating if the duo is still together after the pair has not posted any pictures of them together on social media platforms.

Nikki And Pauly D Double Shot At Love

is pauly d and nikki still together 2023

Double shot at love is an American reality television show featuring DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore. The first season, a dating game show spin-off of the original shot at love series starring Tila Tequila and the Ikki Twins, premiered on MTV on April 11, 2019. The first season featured 20 females competing for the attention and affection of Pauly and Vinny.

The second season, tagged Vegas Ex-scape, aired on June 11, 2020, and featured six contestants from the previous season, and an additional three male cast members, who moved into Pauly and Vinny’s suite at The Linq hotel in Las Vegas, while working at Drai’s beach and night club.

The series was renewed for a third season on April 13, 2021. It reverted to the first season dating show format, with Pauly D and Nikki helping Vinny on the search for his perfect match. The season premiered on September 16, 2021.

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Are Nikki And Dj Pauly D Still Together?

is pauly d and nikki still together 2023

Yes, Nikki and Pauly D Are Still Together. While several reality couples have a reputation for not making it in the long run, however, Nikki and Pauly have defied all odds. Eagle-eyed fans may have pointed out that Nikki and Pauly have not been posting each other on social media doesn’t mean the pair are not together.

Many renowned celebrities usually make use of their social media platforms to promote their brands and their partnerships instead of consistently posting about their romantic relationships and many celebrities usually keep their relationship out of public eyes as much as possible. Nikki had posted a cute TikTok video of herself and Pauly on New Year’s Eve 2023.

In the video, Nikki was seen mimicking Cardi B’s song trending voice about seeing people next year. Nikki said See you next year or maybe not before revealing Pauly in the background and they both laughed in matching black outfits, and that doesn’t show the couple has broken up.

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Will Nikki And Pauly Get Married?

is pauly d and nikki still together 2023

Almost everyone loves a reality television love story that moves from dating to walking down the aisle, well Nikki and Pauly have been an item for a while now and a possibility is not ruled out although marriage is not their focus right now. In an interview with Us Weekly, the couple revealed that they are in no rush to get into marriage but simply want to enjoy each other company.

Nikki revealed that there is no pressure to do the next thing about their relationship. Pauly further added that they are taking it at their own pace and their fans have been supportive and also want more from them and they understand but they should be given a little more time.

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