Are Nancy and Robin Dating: Fans of “stranger Things” Want Nancy and Robin, Not Jonathan or Steve!

are nancy and robin dating

Stranger Things characters Nancy and Robin appear to be the focus of attention in the midst of the mayhem of Hawkins, despite Hawkins being in ruins.

While Vecna terrorizes young people and bystanders are left wondering, “Does Eleven get her powers back?”

In spite of the show’s darker horror elements, Netflix users streamed 286.7 million hours of the fourth season’s opening weekend—and the show’s love narrative wouldn’t hurt either. After all the commotion, we’re in need of a break!

In Season 4 of Stranger Things, Will Nancy and Steve Reunite?

are nancy and robin dating

Nancy is still in a long-distance relationship with Jonathan, who recently relocated to California with his family, while Steve is still looking for a girlfriend in Hawkins, where he previously lived.

Still working at the video store with Robin, Nancy is focusing on her journalism studies at school, while Steve is still employed there. Once again, the ex-lovers’ paths meet in the Vecna search, which brings them back together.

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From Stranger Things, Nancy, and Robin

are nancy and robin dating

When Nancy, a reporter for the Hawkins High School newspaper, learns that the town’s teens are the focus of Vecna’s evil deeds, she is compelled to find out why. After a minor dispute among their friends, she and Robin have decided to hunt for hints in the library.

After a rough start to their assignment together it appears that they will not be able to work together for long. However, the polar opposites manage to unite and even consult with Victor Creel about removing Vecna’s spell, which is a surprising development. The once-impenetrable team has become inseparable thanks to its newfound unity.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some fans have dubbed the super investigators “Romance.” A fan wonders how anyone could not root for them when they share such a loving stare. The two of them have become internet sensations thanks to videos featuring Taylor Swift music. That’s all there is to it.

Because the Duffer brothers have announced that there is a tonne more to come in the second volume of the program, which begins streaming on July 1, who knows how things may evolve.

“We have a lot of major character emotional discoveries and payoffs in the next two episodes,” Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly. “So I don’t want to give too much.”

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According to Netflix, “stranger Things” Fans Are Looking for Nancy and Robin, Not Jonathan or Steve.

are nancy and robin dating

As a result of Stranger Things 4’s lack of LGBTQ inclusion, a whole slew of issues has been brought to light. The decision to leave Will’s sexuality “open to interpretation” has sparked a lot of debate, but Robin’s romance has been disappointingly lacking. When Maya Hawke’s crush, Vicki, debuted in one episode, she shared several scenes with Maya Hawke.

This time around, for the duration of Robin’s season four, volume one story arc, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Robin teamed up instead, and their dynamic bond rapidly formed yet another enduring Stranger Things pairing. As a result of her devoted following, Nancy’s fans can’t wait for her to finish her Jonathan/Steve love triangle and begin dating Miss Buckley. Even Netflix had to take notice of this due to the volume of discussion on the internet.

There was a poll on the Twitter feed of the @NetflixGeeked account, and it asked fans if they preferred Nancy to be with Jonathan or Steve. As a result, everyone decided to pursue a romantic relationship between Nancy and Robin.

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Reply for Robin is still going strong, according to Netflix Geeked, who complimented all of the votes for Robin. In response to public demand, the account then shifted gears and began sharing a montage of the best moments between Nancy and Robin.

However, many are still not satisfied. People who don’t anticipate them to become anything more than BFFs have taken offense at the tweet’s use of the word “BFFs.” Streaming services like Netflix should be aware that June is Pride Month.

There doesn’t appear to be a strong connection between the audience and Nancy/Jonathan/Steve. Nancy/Robin, or Nancy? is unlikely to catch on in volume two, but things could change in the fifth and final season of the series.

In the end, we already know that Will’s adventure will culminate in some kind of “resolution. ” Stranger Things 4 will come to an end on July 1 with two last massive episodes.

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