Are Myrla and Gil Still Together: Myrla Disclosed in An Exclusive Interview!

are myrla and gil still together

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero from Married at First Sight season 13 were widely regarded as strong couples.

What could have gone so wrong with a relationship that began off so right, experts and fans alike wondered after the couple’s unexpected split.

Myrla eventually disclosed more information about what actually transpired between her and her picture-perfect husband, Gil, in an exclusive interview.

There was more to the story than what was initially seen by the eye—or the cameras—as Myrla disclosed in the tell-all, which may be seen here.

Many of the conversations that ended things with Gil, according to Myrla, took place off-camera. She also mentioned that some of the things said on camera did not make it into the finished product because of editing.

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Many viewers were highly perplexed by the couple’s abrupt separation because they were one of only two couples in the entire season to decide to remain married when we last saw them swooning over each other on Decision Day.

Gil, however, confessed that Myrla abruptly broke up with him and requested him to move out just two short weeks after Decision Day during the MAFS reunion special.

Gil was entirely unprepared, and he was also without a place to live. On the special, Gil made it known that he had canceled his lease and sold practically all of his possessions. Myrla remained silent and appeared dispassionate throughout the show while Gil related his version of the story. Even though she disagreed with several of his views, she declined to “go back and forth” with him throughout the special.

Gil sobbed as he described what had happened, but Myrla said nothing more about what might have caused the couple to break up.

But Myrla Has Now Spoken up About What Actually Occurred.

While the pair didn’t argue much during the course of the season, one topic that did come up frequently was money. Myrla made a lot more money than her new husband, and she had a far different attitude toward money than Gil did. Myrla enjoyed the finer things in life, and she filled her life with exotic travel and pricey shoes whereas Gil preferred to keep things simple.

Gil frequently referred to Myrla as a “brat” and a “diva,” and although she gave the impression that she didn’t mind during the season, in her tell-all interview, she said the nicknames hurt her more than she had previously admitted.

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The name-calling, according to Myrla, was not something she enjoyed and she also mentioned that she was quite angry to learn that he had been doing it behind her back with other cast members. She believed that because she had to work hard to maintain her lifestyle, she was not a “brat.” She believed Gil’s financial stability was insufficient to support her lifestyle and long-term objectives.

Myrla also admitted that although she had grown more attracted to Gil throughout the season, their chemistry had never fully materialized. She continued by saying that she had mentioned all of these concerns to Gil after Decision Day, but he had not taken them seriously or had responded poorly, making her feel uncomfortable in the marriage. She avoided going into specifics but did circle back to the finances and how she learned some information about them that had not been made available to her during the season.

Could Gil Be Hiding Some Debt from You?

Myrla said nothing further. She did, however, offer one more piece to the puzzle when she said that the reports about her and fellow cast member Johnny Lam being in a relationship were untrue and that they were simply good friends.

She said Gil should not be surprised that she and Johnny are still close because he was aware of their relationship.

It is wonderful to at least have some closure regarding what caused the unexpected breakup between the MAFS season 13 golden pair, even though it seems that all the specifics of what ended things between Myrla and Gil will still remain a secret.

The number of couples for season 13 has decreased to half of one as a result of the breakup of Myrla and Gil. Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel, who had been living together, are now reportedly still trying to save their marriage. But at least we have season 14 and a brand-new group of potential spouses to look forward to. Just let’s hope that they have happier endings than Gil and Myrla had.


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