Do Monique and Derek Still Have a Romantic Relationship?

are monique and derek still together

The “unprovoked” insults about her body that Monique from Love After Lockup season 4 has been receiving online after announcing her relationship with Derek have been questioned. The fourth season of Love After Lockup has been updated, and it introduces a few new couples, including Monique and Derek.

Because of the striking contrast in their physical attributes, the couple quickly rose to prominence. Monique, who is overweight, towers over Derek, who is thin and has recently been released from prison. Derek fell in love with Monique when he was behind bars, and he is determined to make things right between them now that he is out on parole.

Despite their obvious closeness, Monique and Derek have been called out for their style. The star of Love After Lockup finally responded to the “unprovoked” online harassment by posting a lengthy Instagram thread condemning the abuse. It’s “strange to me” that Monique “has been tormented and mocked online HEAVILY for the past 4 days” without any provocation, she said in a lengthy statement. People’s preoccupation with my body size and my friendship with Derek baffles me.

Continuing, Monique criticized online “bully[ing] another black woman about her weight” despite their support for mental health and the Protect Black Women movement. While describing how happy she and Derek are together, Monique brought up the fact that they had been dating for three years. “The atmosphere was perfect for him. We are committed to pursuing a life based on our truth. “Love” is “love,” “She made a witty remark.

Is Monique still with Derek?

are monique and derek still together

To answer your question, yes, she and Derek are content with their relationship. The new season has brought renewed interest in Monique. The star of Love After Lockup addressed a questionable post by vlogger Funky Dineva, who questioned whether Derek’s feelings for Monique were genuine or an act. She has no reason to think he actually likes her, Funky Dineva remarked. Upon learning about the criticism, Monique immediately responded with a message that she subsequently posted to her page.

As far as anyone can tell, Monique and Derek are still together and happy. A few days after calling out the body shamers, Monique posted an Instagram Live session with Derek. “Each of us enhances the other. When we’re together, we bring out the best in each other “Derek had to say. The live performance proved to everyone who doubted Derek and Monique’s love that he is content with his decision.

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Prior to his release from prison, Derek was fully aware of his Love After Lockup girlfriend’s curvy figure. He said he wanted things to work out with Monique and even pushed her to make healthier choices. In a recent episode of Love After Lockup, Monique and Derek went to the gym together. Monique explained how natural it had become for her to exercise with Derek and adopt a healthy routine. Monique’s initial season-long worry was what, after his release, Derek would think of her. She said she was anxious about how he would react to her size.

Nonetheless, Derek has demonstrated his unwavering devotion to Monique by publicly gushing over her on social media. It took a lot of guts for them to choose to share their newfound life as a live-in pair on the reality show Love After Lockup. Monique and Derek’s first year of marriage is being documented on camera. Monique is monitoring Derek via cameras and his phone. Basically, all Derek wants is for Monique to stop being so closed off and start going out with him. As the season progresses, control difficulties begin to emerge.

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