Are Lauren and Derek from Catfish Still Together?

are lauren and derek from catfish still together

Catfish, a TV show based on the hit 2010 film of the same name, is currently among the most-watched reality programs on the air. While people will go to great lengths to discover love, those who choose to begin a relationship with someone they met online face unique challenges. When communicating online, it’s difficult to tell if the person you’re talking to is who they claim to be.

There are a lot of wild tales and even wilder individuals in this MTV documentary series, but surely there are some couples who get their happily ever after. Truly sincere and in love pairs? It certainly appeared that way for Laura and Derek in season two, so without further ado, let’s learn what became of their romance.

This Is a Catfish Adventure with Laura and Derek

When single mother Lauren Meler visited presenters, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, they were shocked to learn that she had turned to internet dating in her search for love and happiness. Her huge, vivacious personality made her stand out right away, and the audience soon found itself rooting for her to find happiness with Derek Shullenbarger.

While Lauren, then 21, and Derek, then 23, had been corresponding intermittently via social networking sites for eight years, they had never actually engaged in a video chat conversation. He claimed he lacked the funds to purchase a webcam and turned down Lauren’s offer of financial assistance.

During their eight years together, Lauren gave birth to her son Mason and broke off an engagement she had with another man because she was in love with Derek. There had been no contact between them while Lauren was engaged, but after she broke up with her fiance for good, their love grew once more.

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No one believed Derek’s flimsy explanations for why he was never able to meet Lauren during their relationship. However, the same man from the photographs was there to welcome the hosts and Lauren when they arrived at his residence. He wasn’t trying to hide anything or pretend to be someone else; he just seemed nervous about seeing his girlfriend.

They were both overjoyed to be starting serious relationships by the end of the show. Derek also proposed to Lauren during the season finale reunion special, and the two of them quickly became the show’s first success story. The only remaining mystery is whether or not they ever made it down the aisle.

Do Lauren and Derek Still Have a Relationship?

Actually, over a year after they initially met, Lauren and Derek called off their engagement. Despite moving from Texas to be closer to Derek in Maryland and having wedding arrangements set for 2015, Lauren and her son Mason ultimately decided to end their relationship.

MTV confirmed their breakup in May 2014, and Nev stated in a video interview for the network that the decision to end their relationship was mutual and that they continue to be friends. During the interview, he also implied that the reason they broke up was that they were moving too fast, saying: “I think it’s important to remember just because relationships come and go, and you might be in love with someone, and you think that they’re the one, take your time, there’s no reason to rush.”

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We are all heartbroken that their love story was not resolved, yet it is not as horrible as if Derek lied and Lauren was catfished.

The current locations of both Lauren and Derek are, sadly, unclear. Since their reality show experience, they have kept a low profile and avoided the media spotlight. We were able to track down their individual Instagram accounts, but alas, they too have chosen to keep their pages locked down from public view. Consequently, even their relationship status is disguised from us.

Lauren has a Twitter account as well, however, she hasn’t posted anything there since January 2017. But what little information we have suggests that she is establishing a solid future for herself and her son by working as a skin therapist and laser technician.

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