The Famous “Big Brother” Couple Split: Are Kyle and Alyssa Still Together?

are kyle and alyssa still together

After four months of dating, Big Brother contestants Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider decided to split. This past summer, Kyle and Alyssa both participated in the 24th season of Big Brother.

Kyle and Alyssa grew close while residing in the well-known mansion, and they soon started dating. Although Kyle and Alyssa did split up while living together, they started dating again right away as the season was over.

Big Brother’s Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider have broken up once more after four months of dating. On January 26, Kyle posted a message on his Instagram story announcing the information.

are kyle and alyssa still together

“With a heavy heart Alyssa and I have chosen to take some time apart,” the former inhabitant stated. The choice was taken in concert with “love and concern for each other’s mental health,” Kyle continued. Kyle continues to love Alyssa unconditionally despite the fact that they are no longer together.

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Kyle Still Needs to Recover from His Time on Big Brother.

are kyle and alyssa still together

Throughout the long article, Kyle acknowledged that his recovery from his experience with Big Brother is still ongoing. Kyle faced criticism while participating in the show for racist remarks he made inside the Big Brother house. Kyle acknowledged in the essay, “In this subsequent stage of my life, I still have a lot of healing to accomplish.

I must take responsibility for my own healing.” In their journey together, Kyle and Alyssa are grateful for the love and support of their followers. He requested seclusion for both Alyssa and himself as they adjust to this significant transition. “We still sincerely love and care for each other, and we look forward to the future with hope and enthusiasm,” Kyle concluded the message. Alyssa told the tale but didn’t provide any of her own.


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Kyle and Alyssa recently took a lengthy trip to Europe together, so the news of their breakup is shocking. The pair traveled throughout Europe for most of the holidays. Kyle and Alyssa were allegedly being considered for season 2 of The Challenge: USA. It is quite doubtful that they would both join the cast of the next new season as they are no longer a couple.

It is quite doubtful that Kyle would voluntarily go on another reality program anytime soon because he wants to take some time off to recover. On the other hand, if Alyssa is given the option to participate in another competition program, she might do so.

Alyssa has not publicly discussed her separation with Kyle as of the time of writing. In the past week, neither ex-Big Brother houseguest has uploaded any new pictures. Although Kyle and Alyssa are no longer romantically involved, they may not be the next successful pair to emerge from a Big Brother season, but they still seem to be very close.

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Kyle Is Healing Despite Having Rough Last 2 Weeks

Kyle began concentrating on himself after splitting with Alyssa, and he had a really difficult previous two weeks. Nevertheless, it appears that he is finally on the mend as he released a picture on his Instagram saying

these past few weeks have been tough, but I’ve been making progress in my personal growth journey. Spending time in nature has been key for my mental health. Remember to take time for yourself, especially in the great outdoors, to keep growing and finding joy even in the hard times. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you know you’re loved. Don’t forget to pet a dog… (or cat 😂)


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