Are Kaycee and Nany Still Going Strong? From the Challenge to Real Life!

are kaycee and nany still together

The Challenge, an MTV reality competition series, is notorious for its extreme challenges. Inspired by both “The Real World” and “Road Rules,” this show subjects its contestants to increasingly difficult tasks in order to determine a victor. Those who are unable to complete a task are eliminated, while the winners of the last task divide a large sum of money.

Winner of ‘Big Brother’ season 20 Kaycee Clark was invited to participate in ‘The Challenge’ season 37, which featured contestants from various MTV shows. Nany Gonzalez, who starred in season 25 of “The Real World,” appeared in the same year. Interestingly, a kiss shared by the two has admirers wondering if they are a couple. Are we curious? Let’s find out.

Are Kaycee and Nany Still Together?

are kaycee and nany still together

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Nany and Kaycee, who we’re delighted to say are still together and thriving, are doing great. They’ve moved in together, taken some trips, and are continuing to work on their relationship since the conclusion of Lies, Spies, & Allies. The team of Kaycee and CT Tamburello came up victorious. The winner of The Challenge discussed her experience on the show alongside her partner in an interview with US Magazine.

“When you can truly have someone in the game that you can fully trust and count on, someone that you can chat about life and kind of pull your mind away from the game and how just stressful it is, it makes a huge difference,” Kaycee said. She said that she and Nany kept their spirits up through the “difficult days” by telling each other that the circumstances were just temporary.

After the Season 37 finale aired on December 15, and Kaycee had won, she celebrated on Instagram.

Kaycee captioned a picture of the two of them looking absolutely stunning, “For me, finishing the season with you meant the world. I appreciate you taking me out on your bike. The most difficult part of this season’s elimination round was competing against you. You’re one badass opponent. Please don’t put us through it again, people. To @challengemtv, I owe a debt of gratitude for introducing me to this hidden treasure.”

A family appears to be in the works between the two as well. According to Reddit, Nany posted a selfie of herself and Kaycee at the beach on her Instagram Stories on November 14. This is what she put in the photo’s caption: “I have a sense of liberation and openness, and I think now is the moment. It’s never inappropriate for a woman to seek the counsel of her peers.” She also gave a space for suggestions, anecdotes, and data on previous IVF attempts.

All our best to them during their pregnancy!

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