Vanderpump Rule’s Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Relationship Is In Trouble , Are They Still Together?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz were a couple that caused mixed reactions in   Vanderpumps Rule. Bravo’s Vander pumps Rules is the first set off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills an intriguing reality television show and it revolves around Lisa Vanderpump and her staff as they are always in trouble.

Katie and Tom’s relationship journey has so far caused many sweet and sour moments which has left many of their fans wondering if they are still together or have moved on, but we will first take a look at their journey so far.

Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Journey On Vander Pumps Rule

are tom and katie still together

Katie Maloney entered the show as a server and went on to be a reality television star. Tom Schwartz also worked in the same department as Katie and worked as a bartender at PUMP restaurant. They started dating in 2011 before they both had a joint appearance on the show. He only became one of the main cast members in 2014. Before that, he was seen regularly on the series and was seen occasionally arguing series.

Tom on one occasion poured a glass of wine over his girlfriend’s head, which was quite shocking to all the viewers. However, the pair got engaged in 2015, and their romance was blooming. on August 2016 the pair got married in a forest-themed wedding and they went on their honeymoon in Bora Bora, their fans gushed over the lovely relationship.

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What Caused Problems For Katie And Tom?

are tom and katie still together

Katie and Tom’s relationship started to fall apart when Tom was accused of cheating by shay which means that he made out with someone else. Even Lala Kent accused him of kissing someone when he got drunk.

However, Tom defended himself and said he was baffled and truly cannot recall what happened and tagged his behavior as that of a werewolf. The storm was finally over in 2018, and the couple even celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Katie and Tom got married legally in 2019 because they were not married on paper and shortly after that Tom received backlash for disapproving of Katie’s prank by saying he has never been so turned off in his life, and that’s why he has not had sex with her for a long period and it has been more than six months they both had sex. Tom apologized to Katie and they both reconciled.

Why Did Katie And Tom Visit A Fertility Clinic?

are tom and katie still together

Katie and Tom in season 9, spoke about Katie’s abortion which they had at an earlier stage in their relationship when they were still unsure about how things will turn out and they did not want children at that time.

However, the couple was spotted visiting a fertility clinic for her to get pregnant and it seems they were planning a long haul and wanted a future together. But the pair got divorced in season 10 and we can see how things are heating up between the couple, fans have been asking what exactly happened that caused their breakup.

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Are Katie And Tom Still Together?

are tom and katie still together

Unfortunately, Katie and Tom Are Not Together. The ex-couple took to Instagram to announce their breakup. They both posted a picture with text that described how they felt about their relationship.

But the love and respect they had for each other could be seen in their text. At the end of Katie’s text, she wrote that they had a deep connection with one another and will always cherish their friendship although they might have gone on different parts.

Tom had a funny reply but yet saddening words in his post he penned I will shut up now and say it one last time I love you and you will forever be in my heart or my ass maybe not so much.

Katie Reveals What She Feels During Their Time Together

are tom and katie still together

Katie in a podcast revealed that their breakup was long due because she wasn’t happy in their relationship. She further revealed that ending the relationship was one of the hardest things she has ever done. It was speculated that she filed for a divorce after one month of breaking up and none of them opted for spousal support and they would decide what happens to their assets.

Tom also in a podcast revealed that they are still good friends and share joint custody of their dog. According to him, the ex-couple had no animosity or awkwardness between them.

During his appearance at the winter house, he expressed his side of the story and explained that it was stressful to manage the bar while his father’s health was deteriorating. He was also open about feeling guilty about not managing his marriage.

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