Is It True that Kalani and Asuelu Are No Longer a Couple?

are kalani and asuelu still together

Since the beginning of 2022, fans of the 90 Day Fiancé have been left wondering if Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa are dating. The 34-year-old Californian met the 27-year-old local of Samoa, named Asuelu, at a resort. After Kalani became pregnant, she and Asuelu eloped to the United States.

Kalani had already become pregnant twice by the time they got married. Asuelu’s lack of parental and marital responsibility contributed significantly to their financial difficulties, which strained their relationship.

Asuelu stopped following Kalani on Instagram, she said, and the news was shared earlier this year. He admitted that he and Kalani had been having trouble communicating and soon after announced that he was “single.” They avoided making any social media posts together.

Asuelu returned to Samoa, and 90 Day Fiancé star Kalani began searching for a place to settle down with their children, Oliver and Kennedy, in California. Kalani and Asuelu are celebrating some wonderful news as the year winds down.

Do 90-Day Fiancé Kalani & Asuelu Still Have a Marriage in 2022?

By taking a family Christmas photo together, Asuelu and Kalani disproved the rumors that they were divorcing. Asuelu came back from Samoa, and it seemed like he had decided to stay. He visited Kalani and his two sons in California after they had relocated there after selling their home in Utah and showed them some photographs he had taken.

Despite the fact that Kalani is conspicuously absent from the pictures, she was probably the one who snapped them. A snapshot Asuelu and his 90-Day Fiancé girlfriend Kalani took at the Irvine Spectrum Center later proved they were still together.

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Asuelu Strikes a Pose with Kalani and The Kids for A Portrait

There used to be a family portrait of the four cast members of 90 Days of Fiancé standing in front of a huge Christmas tree, with him wearing a green shirt and his family in black and red. After losing weight, Asuelu’s face underwent noticeable changes, prompting him to caption a photo of himself with the words “Manuia le kerisimasi ma le sausage fou @kalanifaagata,” which translates to “Christmas madness and crazy massage” (via 90daythemelanatedway).

In case you were wondering, yes, Kalani and Asuelu are still married. Comments like “Happy to see you getting along” were left by ecstatic supporters. I’m sure the kids enjoyed themselves, and he certainly has more opportunities than a Monopoly board does.

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Kalani and Asuelu Might Have Been Able to Form a Partnership and Raise Their Children as Co-Parents

Some fans believe that Asuelu and Kalani are merely co-parenting while others believe they may perhaps reconcile. “I mean probably are but a lot of families that are divided and have a nice co-parenting connection […],” a fan commented.

Even though Asuelu is talking about Kalani on her blog, another admirer claims she hasn’t mentioned him on her social media accounts. Many viewers suspect that Kalani and Asuelu may be bound by a non-disclosure agreement with TLC in order to protect sensitive company secrets. They had also previously reconciled after experiencing difficulties in their marriage. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are rooting for Kalani and Asuelu to finally find love.

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