Are Justine and Michael Still Together? The Ultimate Update!

are justine and michael still together

Michael and Justine, the stars of Love After Prison, are making headlines. After only a few months of freedom, he and his wife are expecting their first child. It’s the couple’s eighth child overall. There are several obstacles in their path. What’s more, the preview of the two of them on Life After Lockup does not look good. If so, where do they stand right now? Keep reading for further information.

Are Michael and Justine Still Dating After ‘love After Lockup’?

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When fans first encountered Justine and Michael, it was in Season 2 of Love During Lockup, which aired before Season 5 of Love After Lockup. After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, the moment has come for them to update their devoted followers on their progress.

Michael and Justine look to still be together despite the challenges they confront in Love After Lockup.

Justine posted a video to Instagram not too long ago in which Michael meets her children for the first time.

Earlier, Justine had informed Michael, “It took a huge weight off my shoulders to realize I wouldn’t have to go through the difficulty of single parenting any longer. I raise my glass to brighter, happier times ahead. I adore you. Dear One, Please Accept My Best Holiday Wishes As You Return Home.”

This observation, however, is made after the events in Love After Lockup. Also, Justine says to the camera that Michael makes her his “first priority” in this video.

Michael interrupts their talk to take a call just before they are meant to get in the car to go visit Justine’s children. It’s obvious that they went through a lot this season.

Michael Is Actively Pursuing a Career in Music

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After Justine expresses her displeasure that Michael is taking a call at a time when he should be focusing on his family, Michael argues that “hugs and kisses don’t pay the f—king bills.” Furthermore, the caller is someone who could be able to aid Michael’s blossoming music career.

“He can practically transform my life overnight,” Michael says of his acquaintance who can act as a conduit between him and a record company.

Michael’s stage name away from the show is Montana Millz. Although it’s unfortunate, he’ll need to figure out how to be a successful rapper and a good family man.

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