Are Joey and Kariselle From ‘Perfect Match’ Still Together? The Only Engaged Couple on The Show

are joey and kariselle still together

Netflix’s new dating competition show Perfect Match features multiple reality stars, and several of them were previously romantically connected. On the first night, Joey Sasso, The Circle’s first champion, and Kariselle Snow, the panda from Sexy Beasts, join the villa as singles.

Before they were cast on Perfect Match, the former bartender and pageant queen (whose first reality show was actually MTV’s Are You The One? Season 8, featuring an all-sexually-fluid cast) had a lot of history together, so they quickly become one of the most interesting couples as they attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Read on to learn all we know about Kariselle and Joey’s history before Perfect Match season 1, their experience on the program, and whether or not they are still dating.

Do Joey and Kariselle Have a Dating History?

Once Joey’s identity as a member of The Circle’s cast was made public, the two started talking. In the first episode of Perfect Match, Joey said that Kariselle DMed him and that he was attracted to her right away. They enjoyed their time together in LA when she had been there, but according to Joey, he wasn’t ready to date. According to Kariselle, they were silent for a few months until he got in touch with her again. She claims that although they attempted dating, the “commitment thing” was too much for him, and they broke up.

According to Instagram, the second time they attempted dating was in the first part of 2021. Joey submitted a photo of himself in Kariselle with a heartfelt statement dated July 2021 in which he expressed gratitude to his friends and family for their support as he was pursuing sobriety. In his film recapping the year 2021, there is also a picture of the couple kissing. By the time Perfect Match began filming in early 2022, the pair had ostensibly split.

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What Happened in “Perfect Match” Between Joey and Kariselle?

are joey and kariselle still together

As they encountered one another as the first competitors entered the Perfect Match villa, Kariselle, and Joey were both taken aback. Joey may have experienced the impact twice because of his prior relationship with Francesca Farago. Kariselle seemed hesitant to give him another opportunity as they discussed their past, and she also questioned whether their meeting on the program may have been fate. She accepted to be Joey’s match when he acknowledged his continued love for her.

The next day, during the first “compatibility challenge” of the program, the joyful reunion encounters some turbulence. Joey acknowledges during the game that he still has feelings for his ex from around four years ago. Kariselle grew enraged and questioned him as to why he would attempt to start a relationship with her if he hadn’t let go of the past. She was also embarrassed by having water spilled on her head. Later that evening, she admits to Francesca that she would be “quite open” to going on a date with someone new.

Naturally, Kariselle is arranged to see Chase DeMoor the following day. The date is a success, and the two even enter the villa together afterward and share a passionate kiss. Joey becomes agitated when he sees them kissing, but he stays out of the way and places the cards on Kariselle’s table, warning her that if she doesn’t pick him, he’s leaving. She is angered by this and questions why he would approve of seeing her with someone else, but despite their argument, she decides to rematch Joey. After that time, they have been paired. They started acting more affectionately and gave each other a perfect 10 rating during the anonymous kissing challenge.

are joey and kariselle still together

Joey and Kariselle remain well-matched throughout the second set of episodes, which debuted on February 21. Joey eventually asks Kariselle to be not just his match in the house, but also his girlfriend. Kariselle accepts with joy, and everyone in the family rejoices. In another sensitive moment, Kariselle shares her anxieties about losing her sexuality if she marries a guy with Joey. She also inquires as to whether it terrifies him considering the last person she fell in love with was a woman. Joey firmly rejects this, insisting that he loves and supports Kariselle for who she is.

By the end of the season, Joey and Kariselle had established themselves as the villa’s longest-lasting and most stable pair, with the program placing more emphasis on their dynamic partnership (including that awkward pool kiss). They even demonstrate their alignment by triumphing in the show’s final task, which required the teams to estimate one another’s opinions on matters such as marriage, sex, and relocation.

are joey and kariselle still together

Then, on their last date, Joey unexpectedly pops the question to Kariselle (and perhaps everyone else there). He claims that after asking her father for permission, they then contacted his mother to inform her of the situation. They break the news of their engagement to the audience at the Survivor-style panel that follows the finale, and despite not winning the grand prize—a trip for two with all costs covered—they couldn’t be happier.

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After “Perfect Match,” are Joey and Kariselle Still Together?

are joey and kariselle still together

We have some indications about Joey and Kariselle’s position now that the last episodes of Perfect Match have debuted, and they’re not good. I’m sure we all know why we’re all assembled here today, Kariselle lipsyncs to an audio clip in a TikTok she recently released. She displays her ringless fingers while she speaks by firmly clasping her hands.

Also, the caption for the video reads, “POV: The last episodes of Perfect Match released but you still have to wait a few days before updates so everyone can catch up!”

By the time the season finale aired, Joey had not spoken about their current relationship status, but he did discuss the proposal in an interview with Newsweek that was released the day of the finale. He stated that he had known he wanted to marry Kariselle when there was just about a week left of filming. He also expressed his excitement at seeing the video of the significant event.

“I’m eager to watch it. Thought I wasn’t at all anxious, but can’t recall anything! I was so anxious during the entire proposal that I passed out! I hope it was received well “said he.

He said, “I believe there were many tears shed, but it was one of the most wonderful moments of my life.

are joey and kariselle still together

After Joey’s sentimental recollections of the proposal, he acknowledged in a TODAY interview that he and Kariselle broke up following the filming. He also made mentioned the difficulties they had off the set of the show.

“We both kinds of agreed that we should put our differences aside for the time being. That’s for the best, but she and I love each other so much “He told the publication. “I thought, “This is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,” when I was there. Once the filming is done, you return to everyday life. There are several challenges in life.”

He said that they’ve maintained contact. “Our friendship has lasted for a very long time. And for now, our primary focus is on mending our relationship before anything else “Added he.

Although Joey has already given us his side of the tale, there is still a potential that the usually forthright Kariselle may provide us with further details. In the next week, we’ll keep a watch on events to see if Netflix decides to shoot a Perfect Match reunion or if Kariselle initiates communication.

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