Unveiling the Truth: Are Jax and Brittany Still Together in 2023?

are jax and brittany still together

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright saw their fair share of ups and downs on Vanderpump Rules when they were full-time cast members. Brittany joined the Bravo reality show as a guest in Season 4 after dating the then-SUR bartender. Jax was an original star.

Thereafter, viewers could follow the couple’s romance through all of its highs and lows, from the time Brittany discovered Jax’s adultery to their 2019 wedding.

Despite the fact that viewers were accustomed to seeing the couple on the show, Jax and Brittany left Vanderpump Rules after Season 8. Some fans may be wondering if they are still dating because we can no longer see them on our televisions, especially since breakup rumours have been at an all-time high.

Having Left “Vanderpump Rules,” Are Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Still Together?

are jax and brittany still together

Notwithstanding the doubts of fans (and often even their co-stars) regarding Jax’s suitability for marriage, the former model is still wed to Brittany over three years after their Kentucky wedding.

When Brittany disappeared from Jax’s Instagram profile from early July to early December 2022, many expressed their suspicions that Jax and Brittany’s marriage won’t endure. Of course, many assume that if your partner isn’t active on social media, there may be difficulty in paradise.

Jax quickly put the rumours to rest, though, by sharing a photo of him and Brittany attending the 2022 People’s Choice Awards and engaging with followers in the comments.

“Together, the two of you are gorgeous! Tell me the divorce rumours are untrue, please! One commenter remarked, “You belong together.

“We don’t believe in divorce, therefore we would never have one. I’m unsure of the motivation behind it, “Jax answered.


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Jax’s on-screen infidelity with his former co-star Faith Stowers and his anxieties about having a successful marriage may have been a source of contention for the two, but they have unquestionably refuted the detractors.

Since Jax and Brittany’s time in front of the cameras ended in 2020, a lot has happened to them.

A few months after Season 8 of the show finished, the Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky stars announced they were expecting their first child together.

Cruz Michael Cauchi was born in April 2021, and Jax’s real name is Jason Cauchi.

Brittany and Jax have posted several pictures of their newborn online since his birth; Cruz even has his own verified Instagram account, @LittleBabyCauchi.

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What Led Jax and Brittany to Leave “Vanderpump Rules”?

are jax and brittany still together

Although the cast of the Bravo series has mostly kept the same since its debut in 2013, the eighth season’s end witnessed a number of major cast changes.

Stassi Schroeder Clark, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni were all fired for their prior disrespectful behaviour (Kristen and Stassi reported Faith to the police for a crime she was not involved in, while the latter two stars had posted racist tweets in the past).

In December 2020, over six months after their co-stars were sacked, Brittany and Jax made the announcement that they will not be joining the cast of the next ninth season of the show.

“The last 8 years on Vanderpump Rules have been some of the most gruelling, fulfilling, and wonderful years of my life,” Jax said on Instagram at the time.

Brittany and I won’t be returning for Vanderpump Rules season two, I know that’s hard to hear. We are eager to use this opportunity to focus on our growing family and to share with you our most recent endeavours.

Jax has now reaffirmed that the two left the programme on their own, dispelling some fans’ theories that they were truly fired and that the statement was written to save face.

On an appearance on the Daddy issues podcast in April 2021, Jax claimed that it was a “big relief” to be done with the catfight-filled series.


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We’re glad the pair is still together even if the group’s leader is no longer there.

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