The Moment of Truth: Have Dom and Francesca Survived as a Couple?

are dom and francesca still together

Warning: This page includes spoilers for episodes 1-4 of Perfect Match.

Francesca and Dom could be part of one of the few Perfect Match couples that do, despite what transpires after the cameras stop rolling.

Not every Perfect Match pair has what it takes to stay until the end of the season. They begin to work together early in the season, and by Episode 4, they appear to be endgame.

But what does it indicate for Francesca’s future with Dom if she insists on her type of ex, Damian, visiting the house? Do Dom and Francesca still live together? It has been a while since the two of them first fell in love on Perfect Match, which was probably taped in early 2022. Nonetheless, their supporters undoubtedly support them.

Are Dom and Francesca from “Perfect Match” Still Dating?

are dom and francesca still together

Fans of Perfect Match will find it harder to believe in reality TV love thanks to Francesca and Dom. According to Instagram, whatever transpired between the two of them following the concert is already finished. Jesse Sullivan, a TikTok and Instagram influencer, and Francesca have been dating at least since the summer of 2022 when they first started sharing pictures of themselves together.

In June 2022, Francesca even made an appearance on Jesse’s podcast when his daughter questioned whether she and Jesse were indeed dating. She acknowledged that they were at the time. Yet in most recent social media posts, Jesse frequently embellishes captions or remarks about Francesca with a diamond ring. Although it’s unknown if they’re engaged, they seem willing to publicly acknowledge their love.


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In February 2023, Jesse even posted a picture of himself and Francesca with the message, “I’ve met my ideal match.” We can immediately see that Francesca and Dom won’t make it through Perfect Match if they ever make it that far. Apparently, the NDA she signed wasn’t as strict as those of other reality TV series.

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After “Perfect Match,” Who Is Francesca Currently Dating?

are dom and francesca still together

You may be familiar with Jesse from TikTok, where he chronicled his experiences as a transgender guy and adolescent parent long before he came out. He frequently publishes amusing parenting TikToks as well as films on his experiences as a father.

Jesse talked to HelloGiggles in June 2021 about being a transgender parent. He explained that part of being a good father to his daughter Arlo, who, based on Instagram, seems to prefer they/them pronouns, is letting them know they can come to him with anything and that he can be open and honest with them too.

At the time, he said, “We stay up late some nights talking about gender and sexuality simply for fun. “In addition, I think that rather than protecting kids, we should show them the world as it is. Contrary to common assumption, I think it safeguards them.”


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Dom and Francesca have already won the support of Perfect Match viewers. The fact that Francesca is content and in love despite the fact that they no longer seem to be together is at least something.

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