Are Darcey Silva And Georgi Still Together? Are The Rumors Of A BreakUp True?

TLC’s Darcey and Stacey take the viewers into the lives of two sisters and a 90 Day fiance. Darcey and Stacey Silva series follows the sisters as they steer the highs and lows of life and discover love in new relationships. Darcey’s past relationship is the focal point and she has also managed to find love with Georgi Rusev who is a Bulgarian native.

Apart from the life of her twin sister Stacey, the spin-off series centers on Darcey and Georgi as they find their relationship. Their fans have been curious to know if the couple is still together or has gone different ways.

Darcey And Georgi: Darcey And Stacey Journey

are darcey and georgi still together

Darcey first meets Georgi Rsuev on a social media platform. He was a Bulgarian model and one-time masseuse. Georgi reached out to Darcey through his Instagram and requested if she would like to meet him.  Darcey agreed to his request and the two decided to meet in Miami where they were residing at that moment.

Darcey was amazed at their first meeting together because of his physique and good looks. Darcey was completely obsessed with the Bulgarian and began showing her interest in him. Georgi was also into Darcey and the pair decided to start up a relationship.

The couple began dating, but their stay in Miami was short and they had to leave. However, Georgi promised to come down to New York to visit her. She was totally obsessed with Georgi that she could not hide her excitement and even ended up video-calling him while enjoying a bubble bath.

Darcey was moved when Georgi brought her flowers upon his arrival in New York, as she has not been treated so well in her past relationships. While in the Empire States, the couple got even closer and ended up making love, and it was a wonderful experience as the pair could not hide their excitement.

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What Caused the Problem In Darcey And Georgi’s Relationship?

are darcey and georgi still together

Darcey and Georgi seemed completely fascinated with each other and their relationship was quite the show. However, things began looking shaky and unhappy as Darcey began having doubts about her decision. While the couple had a happy time quarantining together, Georgi revealed that he was still married but separated from his wife.

The news hit Darcey out of the blue because she was unaware of the situation which made her angry and upset. Darcey began to doubt Georgi’s commitment to her and their relationship. The situation was so tense that Darcey even began pondering about not marrying Georgi. However, the two worked out their differences and got engaged in June 2020.

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Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together?

are darcey and georgi still together

No, they are not together. The season 3 finale of the series featured the moment Georgi popped the question for a second time in front of her daughters Aniko and Aspen in Miami, Florida. By that point, Darcey and Georgi had worked out their differences after earlier splitting up during season 2 because he was spotted with his ex Jesse Meester and had not been transparent about their relationship.

Darcey confirmed on Monday, February 28, 2023, that she has parted ways after Georgi’s second proposal and she has officially called off their engagement. During an interview when asked what led to their breakup, she revealed that he ran out of chances but that there is no bad blood between them.

are darcey and georgi still together

Darcey also revealed that she was ready for the breakup but she felt like Georgi knew deep down inside him that it was coming, but it still came as a shock to him. Darcey twin sister Stacey Silva also revealed that she wants her sibling to eventually find someone on her same wavelength.

She further explained that somebody that is loving, giving, successful, and good-looking is what her sister deserves. Rumors making rounds are that Darcey is gearing up to get back on the dating scene, the reality star revealed that she would not mind doing a Bachelor-style show in her pursuit of Mr right. She further stated that she would also employ the services of a dating coach.

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