Do Danielle and Robert Still Have a Relationship? 

are danielle and robert still together

Summer House has had many breakups over the years, and fans have seen them all. Reality stars rarely stay with their partners for more than a season or two, as evidenced by Carl Radke’s relationships with Lauren Wirkus and Lindsay Hubbard (who is now his girlfriend), Paige DeSorbo’s breakup with Perry Rahbar, and Lindsay’s own breakups with Everett Scott Weston and Stephen Traverse.

Season 2 cast member (and Season 4 regular) Danielle Olivera presented her new boyfriend, Robert Sieber, to the other housemates and fans in Season 5.

After the chef spent some time at the Season 5 house, they became an official couple. Their relationship began during the COVID lockdowns. The sixth season, which premiered in early 2022, saw the couple still together.

Is Danielle Olivera Still with Her Boyfriend After All This Time? how Long Has She Been Dating Robert Sieber?

When talking to Distractify about her collaboration with Fidelity Bloom, Danielle opened up on how she manages her personal life alongside the demands of filming a reality show.

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Do Danielle and Robert Still Have a Relationship?

During the first several seasons of Summer House, Danielle repeatedly stated that she wasn’t interested in a long-term commitment with anyone. Evidently, things changed after Sarah met Robert at a 2020 event since the two made their relationship official before the end of Season 5.

While Robert was only able to make guest appearances when he had time off from his other commitments, he and Danielle both came back for Season 6.

Danielle and Robert stayed together after the production and airing of Season 6 of their show ended, despite the fact that doing so may have put an irreparable strain on any relationship.

The couple currently divides their time between their apartment in Brooklyn, New York; Aspen, Colorado; and Montauk, New York (Robert is a chef at The Snow Lodge and at The Surf Lodge in Aspen and Montauk, respectively).

Danielle’s flexibility in her job allows her to visit Robert in Montauk or Aspen, despite their long-distance relationship.

Even while Danielle couldn’t pinpoint one thing that makes their relationship work, she did say that they don’t let outside influences affect them.

As Danielle put it to Distractify, “We just work, and we don’t allow the show to come between anything,” whether it is pressure to grow faster than we would want or letting other people’s opinions get to us. The strength of our foundation is, in my opinion, one of our greatest assets.

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She and Her Co-Stars on “Summer House,” Carl and Lindsay, Are All in On the Conversation Between Danielle and Robert

Lindsay and Carl are another fan-favorite pair on the program, with Robert and Danielle, who won over viewers in Season 6 (who can forget when they chatted about the Ted Lasso Christmas episode or when Robert referenced an episode of The Hills?).

For their friendship, Lindsay and Danielle wear Arroz y Pollo necklaces, and despite their breakup prior to the broadcast, Danielle has remained on amicable terms with Carl. It’s not surprising that the couples are close and have even gone on double dates together.

You can bet we keep in touch via group chat and make an effort to “see each other” frequently. A lot of their time is spent on the road because of Robert’s employment in Aspen and Montauk, as Danielle explained. I’m looking forward to spending more time with him on the weekends this summer because “sometimes it’s hard to like see them that often.”

Even though Danielle has already begun dropping hints about her weekend plans for the summer, the beginning of warm weather also means that the cast of Summer House will be getting ready to film another season. While Danielle was unable to reveal anything about the next seventh season, she did hint that she will be spending the entire summer in the East.

Danielle has stated, “I’ll be in Montauk with [Robert] all summer and at Sag Harbor on the weekends.” To paraphrase, “That’s all I could possibly tease.”

Seasons of Summer House are available on Peacock for your viewing pleasure.

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