Are Daisy and Gary Dating an Inside Look Into Below Deck Stars Relationship Status

are daisy and gary dating

The yachties’ romantic life is frequently on display on any episode in the Below Deck franchise, especially when castmates indulge in boatmances with their co-stars.

Returning cast members Daisy Kelliher and Gary King are stealing the show in Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht after their kiss at the end of the March 14 episode.

After all, during their first season together aboard Parsifal III (Season 2), the chief stew and the first mate didn’t always get along, so it was all the more surprising when they kissed. Gary had also been flirting with Ashley Marti, the third stew, earlier that night.

Gary and Daisy have both said that they are not romantically involved since production on the Below Deck spin-off concluded. After Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, is the interior team leader dating anyone?

Is Daisy Kelliher Dating Gary King?

are daisy and gary dating

Following the episode, the Parsifal III yachties went on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live to discuss all they saw on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. “I mean, the whole thing surprised me,” Daisy said, before Gary added, “To be honest with you, I think I have a better memory than Daisy.” Reliving it was fascinating.”

Daisy then admitted that she had been drinking hard on the crew’s night off after dealing with numerous troublesome charter guests. “I was shocked by the charter and was clearly on a mission to blow off fury,” she stated.

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The charter passengers may have affected Daisy’s kiss with Gary. “After all the tragedy, maybe I needed some love.” “I don’t know [laughs],” Daisy said on WWHL, to which Gary replied, “I was merely a rebound for Daisy.”

Andy inquired about his visitors. Daisy stated, “We’ve always had a crush on one other.” “Well, Gary has a thing for me.” That was self-evident.”

“Basically, from the start.” “But regardless,” Gary added, “I don’t think it’s a secret.” Andy said, “Aw, that’s very lovely.”

Later in the evening, Daisy and Gary addressed whether or not they are now in a relationship, especially after spending time together in Los Angeles last month. “No, we’re not dating,” Daisy explained.

The Co-Stars of Below Deck Are Negotiating Their Relationship.

are daisy and gary dating

Daisy says Gary has a “crush” on her despite the fact that he likes everyone. Everyone knew about his affections for her, she said. Gary also confessed that he has always been drawn to Daisy. During Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, he developed an affection for her.

Gary told E! News, “I thought she was attractive, I enjoyed her demeanor, and then nothing really evolved out of it.” “And I believe she was aware of this, so when we were alone in the jacuzzi, there was certainly some chemistry.” “I believe we both sensed it.”

“Amazing,” he said of their kiss. He has no idea what Daisy thinks about the situation. Gary and Daisy are now working out their differences. Gary is hoping for a positive outcome.

Is Daisy Kelliher Single?

are daisy and gary dating

Daisy Kelliher just shared a photo of herself and Gary riding a Disneyland ride on Instagram. “Taking the big child out for a day,” she captioned it, sparking discussion over whether they were dating now. “Gary is dating you now?” a fan remarked on Daisy’s page. Awesome. “Way to go, you two!” Daisy didn’t respond, but she enjoyed his remark.

Gary, on the other hand, revealed the two BDSY actors were dating in an Instagram video, adding, “Hey folks, because many of you are wondering, and yes Daisy and I are dating.” Daisy is standing next to him, and once he finishes speaking, the two chuckle together.

Gary and Daisy were always at odds in the previous season of BDSY. Daisy frequently requested assistance from the deck crew, but Gary resisted since he didn’t want to overwork his workers. Daisy also caused a rift between Gary and Alli when she revealed the depth of his and Sydney’s night together to Alli.

are daisy and gary dating

Alli thought the two external staff members had just kissed, but Daisy informed her that they had slept together. During the season 2 reunion, Daisy and Gary tried to sort things out, but they couldn’t agree on anything, and Daisy claimed she couldn’t picture the two working together again.

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During Season 3 of BDSY, viewers will observe how their relationship develops. Daisy, who had feuds with other staff members last season, has revealed that she doesn’t recall her and Gary kissing and joked that it was her “other personality.”

Some fans believe Gary was being sarcastic in his video and is merely teasing viewers ahead of the premiere of the blockbuster program. Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, February 21.