Are Reality Tv Stars Chase And Emmy Still Together? Find Out All You Need To Know

Chase Chrisley’s relationship with his girlfriend Emmy Meaders surfaced during Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best, and the couple has been through an up-and-down situation including rumors of a potential breakup. Fans of the couple have been curious to know the relationship status of their idols.

Is Chase Chrisley Engaged To Emmy Meaders?

No, Chase Chrisley and Emmy Meaders are not engaged as of the time of writing this report. and also recent photos of the happy couple have not seen her wearing any ring either, despite how many fans want Chase Chrisley to get down on his knees and propose.

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Are Chase Chrisley And Emmy Meaders Still Together?

Yes, Chase and Emmy are still going on strong together. Chase Chrisley and his girlfriend Emmy have been showing off their rekindled romance after the scare of them breaking up surfaced online which was confirmed by Chase Chrisley. The couple’s relationship has been on a high level since they got back together.

The couple’s rekindled romance has also seen fans now ringing wedding bells for the couple. Chase’s father Todd Chrisley is also a fan of the couple and has teased his son by saying he wishes him to be happy Chase Chrisley knows what his father’s wish is and everyone is curious to know the outcome.

When Did Chase Chrisley And Emmy Meaders Start Dating?

The couple was first linked in 2020, and by August 2021Chase confirmed he was single again. But that was just a mare scare as the couple got back together in 2022. The couple has been urged by their fans to tie the knot.

One fan commented on a recent picture of the couple, which he wrote “when are You all getting married? Time to make Todd a Grandpa”. This also led to questions about Chase helping to bring up a grandchild known as Chloe Chrisley.

Chloe is the daughter of Chase Chrisley’s brother Kyle and his ex-wife Angela Johnson. The couple welcomed Chloe in 2012, but Kyle struggled for years with a drug habit.

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Chase Chrisley And Emmy Meaders’s Relationship Journey

Chase and Emmy’s relationship has faced many several upsets including a brief breakup in 2021. Chase went public with his relationship with Emmy in the summer of 2020. The couple has been good friends and has known each other for a long time before deciding to take a step further.

Chrisley Knows Best also recorded some tension between the couple. Emmy confronted her boyfriend chase for forcefully standing her up to spend time with his friends against her wish.

Chase in his defense revealed that her constant texting and calling when he is spending time with his friends made him feel uncomfortable. However, the season 3 series premiered and showed everything was well with the couple and they also discussed their marriage plans.

Chase and Emmy in an interview with People said that had not started planning their wedding but their plans might experience set back as Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to prison in November 2022 over financial crime convictions.

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