Has Madeline and Callum’s Journey Continued After Love Island or Have They Split Up?

are callum and maddie still together

Season 4 of “Love Island Australia” was the best season of a reality show ever. There were fights, tears, rumours, and everything else you could want to make things interesting. Callum Hole and Madeline Wilcox stood out as one of the most interesting couples on the show. They made it to the end of the season but didn’t win the show. But the audience will remember their journey because the two of them had great chemistry. As fans, we know you want to know if they are still together or if they broke up. So, let’s find out what’s really going on.

Love Island Journey of Callum and Madeline

are callum and maddie still together

Callum’s charm was clear from the moment he walked in, and his Welsh accent made all the girls go weak at the knees. The fact that he worked as a pool boy at a top hotel in Brisbane made him more attractive. He was used to working with important people, which made him a smooth talker. He also worked as a personal trainer for a few regular clients, which shows that he works hard. On the other hand, Madeline is a happy and energetic makeup artist from Melbourne who calls herself the “queen of situation-ships.”

She joined the show in hopes of finding something stable and long-lasting. Throughout the show, Callum seemed to be more of an explorer who tried to get along with Tina, Layla, Vakoo, and Maddy. But his search ended when Bombshell Madeline came on the show. When she first walked into the villa, Callum’s personality and looks drew her in. Callum, on the other hand, was afraid to commit and worried about the future.

Even when things were bad, the couple got over their differences and found comfort in each other. Callum said in his Declaration of Love speech that he was nervous when he saw her for the first time. It was a touching moment on their journey. Who would have thought that two people with such different ideas about life would get along so well? The audience really liked the couple and cared a lot about their relationship. How are the two of them doing now?

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Are Callum and Madeline Still Together?

No, Callum and Madeline don’t have a relationship. In an interview with So Dramatic! on December 21, 2022, Callum talked about how their relationship was going after the end of season 4. When he said that he and Madeline weren’t official because they hadn’t been there long enough, he implied they were at least “more than just friends.” The two reality TV stars decided not to get in a relationship and to take things slowly at a speed that was comfortable for both of them.


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As the season finale hinted, Callum got in touch with Layla John, his ex-girlfriend on the show, in the real world, away from the constant scrutiny of the cameras. He told Layla that he was open to meeting Madeline, and Layla seemed to agree with him, but she probably didn’t think the relationship would be strong. He said, “Before Layla left, she told me, ‘I want you to try to find another link and keep going on your journey.'” So, I did exactly that.”

 Why do They Split up After the Show?

are callum and maddie still together

In another interview, Callum said, “We’re keeping it casual. Things change when you leave the villa, and life is pretty busy right now, but we still talk and see each other and stuff.” The distance between them was a big reason why they broke up. They both agreed that they weren’t ready for the challenges of a long-distance relationship, so they decided it was best for them to break up.

Madeline was honest with their fans about their relationship when she said, “No, I wouldn’t say we’re together. Since we were on the show, we kept things pretty casual, and I guess we’ll see what happens, but no. We’re not with each other. I also feel like, since he lives in a different state (Queensland) and I live in another (Melbourne), we didn’t talk as often as you would expect.”

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Is There Any Bad Blood Between Them?

She said in the end, “I guess we both just didn’t try as hard as we could have.” But nothing really made it so that things didn’t work out. I’d say we’re getting along right now, yes.” At the time this was written, both Callum and Madeline were keeping their love lives secret. Since they haven’t told us about any new projects, we can assume that they’ve gone back to their normal lives before “Love Island Australia” and are working on something that will help their careers.

Fans could take comfort in the fact that their relationship was based on a deep understanding of each other’s personalities and goals. Even though they decided to go their separate ways, there was no drama between them. In January 2023, Callum said that he and Madeline are good friends during a Q&A session on his Instagram stories. He then called their friendship “Pals 4 Lyfe.” They dealt with the situation like adults, so there were no broken hearts or bad feelings. Callum and Madeline still follow each other on Instagram, which shows that they still get along. But it seems like they are both single right now and working on themselves and their careers.

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