Are Amelia And Bennett From Married At First Sight Still Together? What Really Happened Between The Couple?

Amelia and Bennett, the couple from Married at First Sight are getting a divorce and their fans are trying to find out what went wrong. Bennet Kirschner is a great actor known for his roles in several movies like Trouble, Davedreamer, and Dyke Dollar. People have always liked him because he is fun to be around. While Amelia Fats is a medical doctor.

How Did Amelia And Bennett Met?

Are Amelia and Bennett still together

Amelia was raised in Richmond, Va. And was completing her medical residency at the time of the show. Amelia said that she agreed to the idea of you can fall in love with anyone much like that of her grandparent’s arranged marriage. She really thought it was possible to learn how to love someone and she loved social experiments and thought Married At First Sight, was perfect.

Bennett grew up in Montvale and was the artistic director of a theater company before appearing in the series. He is also known for his role in Trouble in 2013, He had sought good relationships and love life for many years which hit a series of bad relationships before he was encouraged by Love At First Sight series due to its success over the years.

Amelia and Bennett first met on the set of Season 11 of Married At First Sight. The show started airing in July 2020. Amelia did not have enough confidence to find her perfect match on the show. But Bennett on the other hand had a quick spark right away.

Amelia and Bennett’s spell did not last long as they ended up getting a divorce after just a few months of marriage. The couple filed for divorce from their home state of Virginia, but the couple is still following themselves on Instagram.

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Are Amelia And Bennett Still Together?

Are Amelia and Bennett still together

No, Amelia And Bennett Are Not Together. Amelia and Bennett had been together for a year, but we are not aware if they are still good friends although they are still following themselves on Instagram. But it’s good to see that Amelia and Bennett have moved on in their respective lives for good.

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Why Did Amelia And Bennett Split Up? What Was The Curse Of Their Up?

Are Amelia and Bennett still together

Amelia and Bennett decided to get married and stay together on the Decision Day of the Married At First Sight series. On 14 October 2021, Amelia and Bennett told the public that they were getting a divorce, they did not reveal the cause of their breakup leaving their fans to wonder what went wrong. But a minority of people were not surprised about the decision.

After they announce they were getting a divorce, fans began to make assumptions about why they were getting divorced and what caused problems in their relationship. It was revealed that Amelia’s busy job as a medical doctor was a defining factor as well as Bennett’s strong ties to New Orleans which caused them not to spend much time together.

Amelia and Bennett however, showed love for each other. Amelia said that she was grateful to have Bennett by her side in the intense and unpredictable times as COVID-19 swept over the world.

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