Do Amber and Chauncey Still Have a Relationship?

are amber and chauncey still together

In the most recent episode of “Spies, Lies, and Allies,” Amber Borzotra, the reigning female champion from “Double Agents,” was ousted together with rookie Jeremiah White, with whom she had created a showmance in the weeks preceding their elimination. She remarked in her exit interview, “Jeremiah and I are going to stay in contact after this and I hope that something amazing comes out of it because I genuinely like him.”

Similarly, Jeremiah told viewers in his post-elimination confessional, “I came out with Amber so, you know, that’s a win for me,” despite his elimination.

Amber said to Entertainment Weekly after being eliminated, “We don’t speak really, we don’t talk at all,” suggesting the relationship wasn’t intended to endure. She recently revealed that her relationship status has changed to “in a very great and joyful relationship currently” since filming ended. With respect to Jeremiah, she elaborated:

We had a lot of mutual admiration, but we couldn’t see eye to eye when things got serious. There was just something missing. Nonetheless, I believe he is a remarkable human being. Thank goodness I had the chance to meet him. I don’t think we speak or keep in touch because we want to respect my current situation and my relationship.

Are They Still Together

As of the year 2023, Chauncey and Amber are still very much together, and they keep their adoring followers happy with frequent updates and cute photos of themselves posted to Instagram.

The Relationship Between Amber and Charlie Was Public Shortly After the First Episode of “Spies, Lies, and Allies” Aired.

After only a week of dating, Amber made her relationship with Chauncey Palmer’s Instagram official on August 19. “Spies, Lies and Allies” began on August 4. She captioned a photo of the two of them smiling and holding each other on a football field with, “Cats out of the bag.” After a week she posted another picture of the couple on the beach with the caption, “Happiness looks nice on us.”

On September 24, she posted a photo with her boyfriend and explained how they met: “I honestly fell for someone while I wasn’t hunting for love, I was searching for tranquility. In my quest to discover who I was, I made a friend who would eventually become my soul mate. I put my energy into developing myself and ended up meeting my destiny.

On Instagram, Chauncey presents himself as a fitness model and trainer. The Los Angeles-based 22-year-old self-proclaims as the “King of Physique” on the site.

Amber’s Fiance Has Spoken Out About Her On-Screen Romance with Jeremiah

After Amber and Chauncey started dating, the episodes of “Spies, Lies, and Allies” finally began airing and revealed the chemistry between Amber and Jeremiah. A photo of Amber and Jeremiah sunning themselves at the “Challenge” mansion was shared on Instagram on August 22.

Chauncey said, “lmao I ain’t tripping that’s my wife,” in the thread’s comments section. Continuing, he said, “He had his fun, but I’m here to stay.” Amber added her two cents to the conversation, writing, “forever and always, my love.” Actions speak louder than words when it comes to showing respect to a monarch, as Chauncey pointed out.

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