Apple’s second-best selling product to face tough competition from these Chinese brands

Apple's second-best selling product to face tough competition from these Chinese brands

Apple has a strong portfolio of products, ranging from iPhones to MacBooks and more. But the company’s AirPods are quite popular – both in terms of search interest and sales. According to Above Avalon’s report from earlier this year, AirPods are the second-best-selling product in Apple’s portfolio in just two years. But that level of popularity comes at a cost, as more and more brands want to mimic the product.

That said, the competition Apple faces in the truly wireless earphones category isn’t from big-league players like Samsung or Huawei, but comes from disruptive Chinese brands. If you’ve been following the news or been active on social media, Realme’s Buds Wireless must have crossed your sight.

Realme challenges Apple

Realme Buds Wireless bearing an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s original AirPods are highly anticipated in India. The brand has established with its aggressive approach that the Buds Wireless is going to be affordable, but they won’t compromise on quality.

According to the company, the Realme Buds Wireless are tuned by DJ Alan Walker, boast 12mm bass boost driver, touch controls for music and calls, Google Assistant support and Bluetooth 5.0. The truly-wireless earphones are expected to be priced under Rs 5,000, making them a highly attractive choice for the masses who only dreamt of owning Apple’s earphones.

OnePlus joining the race

If Realme is targeting the masses, OnePlus is another disrupter in the premium space already posing a huge threat to Apple in the smartphone category. If the latest report is true, OnePlus might be eyeing Apple’s strong business model in the truly-wireless earphone space.

OnePlus already has a range of earphones, both wired and wireless, but nothing in the truly wireless category. This could be a first for the brand, but certainly not in the industry. Currently, there’s nothing substantial to go by on the OnePlus AirPods rivals, but it looks like the company would be working on something identical to Apple’s offering.

Since OnePlus won’t go as low as Realme in the pricing, it could incorporate some advanced features like active noise cancelling to lure buyers.

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