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Apple’s iPhone SE 2 launch in USA, India rumors & features list

iPhone SE 2 launch

Apple’s iPhone SE 2 Launch

There have been a lot of rumors since the year 2018 about a possible release of the low-cost iPhone SE series. According to sources, there has been little improvement in the sales of the iPhones in different parts of the world with China and India ranking highest in the countries from which there has been a really big fall in the sales of the phones.

The iPhone might have been unable to meet the demands of the people as a result of the release of a very costly phone during the late period of 2018 and this was attributed to the war which happened between the Chinese economy and the United States economy.

iPhone SE 2 features rumors

However, there has been some leak about the possible designs that might come up as a result of the possible change in design and features that we believed to be from the Apple company. The leak suggested that the new iPhone SE 2 might look just like the old iPhone SE and some certain features are believed to change and some old features will be updated. Some of the rumors indicated that the phone will look similar to the iPhone SE with a 4.2 inches display size and also, it might cost almost similar price just like the previous iPhone SE and this is due to the fact that the Apple company, from a leak,  are now targeting the Indian and Chinese economy so as to release a phone that can meet their requirements and yet be low cost and generally affordable.

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iphone se 2 launch

The phone is believed to feature two distinct colors which include the Rose and Rose gold and it will have the following specs which include an A10 fusion chip processor, 4.2 inches screen, a wireless charging method, wireless earphone jack, a 5Mp or 7Mp facetime camera with retina flash and they can have a 1,640 to 1700 mAh battery.

This phone, however, might feature a face ID – recognition of the face for unlocking phones and wireless charging with the use of a glass back with the Tekz24 design.

However, rumor also has it that this iPhone SE might not be for all regions but it might be targeted to some particular areas of the world.