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Apple will introduce a small form factor iPhone in 2019 – iPhone XE and iPhone SE

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iPhone XE and iPhone SE

Speculations and rumors suggest that the next generation iPhones will feature hefty price tags. In the meantime, there is also a piece of good news for millions of fanboys. The new rumors suggest that Apple is going to size down the current size of iPhones. And this will make the smaller iPhone, the ultimate entry-level device.

According to the reports, Apple is presently testing on a 5.42 inch iPhone. The new iPhone will go toe to toe with iPhone XR of 6.1-inch and iPhone XS Max with 6.5-inch. The exclusive report that came from the company suggests that the smaller iPhone might be the successor of iPhone SE. And this suggests a highly likely chance that the replacement of iPhone SE will feature a 4.8-inch retina display. So will Apple name the smaller iPhone as XE? It is unclear what Apple will name the small iPhone but rumors suggest that the entry-level iPhone is called iPhone XE.

Judging by the report, the 5.42-inch model did not reveal any details of the phone such as specs. One of the sources is suggesting that the Cupertino tech giant is testing on iPhone SE. A source having a close association with Foxconn’s manufacturing facility said that Apple is working on XE.

iPhone XE will become the 2nd most powerful iPhone after iPhone SE

The source also said that XE is going to feature a similar bezel-less design like that of X and XS. According to the source, XE will feature notch display with FaceID, say goodbye to the Touch ID for good. XE will sport the 12MP camera from XS/XR at the same time; the phone will sport A12 Bionic chip.


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The other rumor suggests that Apple is going to make iPhone XE as the latest entry-level device from Apple. Nevertheless, the price tag of the iPhone XE is set at $600. So far, the A12 Bionic SoC is faster than the chipsets from any other vendor such as Huawei and Snapdragon. As the upcoming iPhone XE features the same camera as iPhone XS, people may opt for the device.

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