Apple has sent a warning letter to Chinese leakers through a law firm

Apple has sent a warning letter to Chinese leakers through a lawfirm
Apple has sent a warning letter to Chinese leakers through a lawfirm

Over the years, Apple has been more or less more successful than any other company in terms of making sure that nobody gets to know what exactly the company is working on. However, despite the fact, tipsters and tech leaks have continued to give the world early previews of new iPhones, Macs, and much more.

Now according to the latest news, the company has started to consider these leaks more seriously and aggressively. This week, a leaker dubbed as Kang has posted on Weibo that he was threatened by the company of legal action. In short, he received a notice from Apple that threatens legal action for leaks.

As of now, Kang holds the number one spot on the AppleTrack leaderboard. AppleTrack compares and ranks the reliability of the information posted by various leakers. AppleTrack indicates other top notch leakers have received similar messages.

It is to be noted that last year, prior to the iPhone 12 launch, Kang posted about all four models of the series along with their price, color, and planned release dates.Kang said he has received a letter from a law firm that claims that his actions could share information with Apple’s competitors or mislead consumers about devices that aren’t coming.

It also included screenshots of his Weibo page. The screenshots were beyond the domain of just leaks. It also included reviews he discussed such as where he talked about problems he faced with Apple products.

Kang claims that he has never signed an NDA or published undisclosed pictures or profited from his information. However, the tracker shows he has revealed information about everything starting from iPhone SE to HomePod mini.

Last year, well known content creator Ben Geskin mentioned about receiving a similar notice. A fellow leaker dubbed L0vetodream with 5th rank in AppleTrack clarified that he has not received any such thing.

Apple did not make any official comment about these threats. Either way, it seems, Apple will get a fair share of its desired effect with the help of these threats.

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