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Apple wants to become the only company that people can trust – Tim Cook


Tim Cook

In the latest keynote, the Cupertino tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook took center stage and gave a most excellent speech. In his pitch, Tim Cook addressed how the services from Apple is going to be different from other tech companies. By the looks of it, the services are incredibly intuitive and different than the conventional ones. However, this is how Apple explains its forthcoming services in a single line.

The services are specially curated for keeping the personal information extraordinarily secure and private, according to Tim Cook’s keynote speech. Apple came up with new product lines such as a news service, premium-level TV channel service, and credit card. The executives have stressed on the importance of data privacy and how much they prize the privacy of their customers.

Apple takes a giant leap with its new services.

Apple shows a bold and beautiful picture regarding the new services. The digital payments and streaming from the Cupertino company are going to compete with key players in the industry. Steve Jobs is the only reason why the popular tech companies have done wonders in the past decade. And this time Apple will face off against the companies that want to take its place as a tech giant.

Nevertheless, it is tough to give a stiff competition to the tech giants such as Facebook and Google. Apple said that it is not going to utilize ads for selling its products. Apple also claims that it will not collect and at the same time distribute the personal data of its users. The iPhone maker says that a digital wallet with pop up ads doesn’t look good. The logical conclusion is that Apple wants to become a tech company that people will trust blindly.

It’s been quite some time that Apple came up with a pitch like that. The company pulled something like this off quite some time ago. Nevertheless, the critics feel that the recent claims are telling a different set of stories.

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