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Apple unintentionally revealed a new upgrade for its iPhone

Apple's new iphone upgrade

Apple’s new upgrade for its iPhone

The Cupertino tech giant is going to move forward with an all-new polarising design of the iPhone. Well, Apple did not think that a little bit of miscalculation will lead things to the accidental unveiling. By the looks of it, the upcoming iPhone has an unusual design, little gothic when it comes to tech upgrades.

Reportedly 9to5Mac has discovered new imagery on the Australian Apple website. The website even showed off the new and not yet revealed Apple’s AirPower along with iPhone. The Apple AirPower is a wireless charging module. With the help of AirPower, the iPhones will be able to charge up. And according to the company, AirPower will charge the iPhones faster than any other wireless charger from third party vendors.

The flexibility of the Apple AirPower

The iPhone owners around the world are in a for a treat. Nevertheless, the appearance of the AirPower a piece of huge news for the owners of iPhones. But as of now, the present day iPhones are explicitly limited to a wireless charging module of 7.5 Watt. By the looks of it, the AirPower is going to work on an ownership fork of the technology. And this brings out a consistent estimation that the minimum wattage of AirPower is going to be 15 Watt. And this makes the AirPower pretty much quick as the wired iPhone chargers of 18 Watt. The 18 Watt wired charger is in existence since Apple came up with iPhone 8.

Nevertheless, the iPhone users have been waiting for a very long time to get their hands on AirPower. Apple showcased AirPower back in the year 2017, the same year Apple unveiled iPhone X. A significant Showtime event is right around the corner. The event will take place on the 25th of March. The Apple users are holding on to their chairs and are anxious as to what Apple will reveal this time.

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