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Apple replacing slow chargers with new USB Type-C

apple usb type C charger

Apple iPhone charger

The core Apple fanboys are well aware that the iPhone 8 and later variants are capable of incredible fast charging. Nevertheless, the only problem is that Cupertino tech giant doesn’t provide the necessary stuff to make fast-charging much efficient. Nevertheless, the new rumor suggests that Apple is going to change the conventional charging unit of its iPhone.

According to the new rumors, the recently curated Apple iPhone are shipped with a general 5 Watt charging cube. If people have bought the new generation of iPhone in the last couple of years, they know all about it. As of now, the Cupertino tech giant said that the iPhone 8 and the later variants could opt for fast-charging. But the fast charging is achievable with the use of USB-C to Apple’s Lightning cable. And the users have to buy the adapters with 18W, 30W, 87W, 29W and 61 W. Additionally this will cost the users extra money, and that is excruciatingly frustrating.

Apple will replace the lightning charger with Type-C

The future generations of Apple iPhone will feature goods that can facilitate fast charging – a USB Type-C to Lightning Cable. According to Mac Otakara, a Japanese website, Apple will provide the users with USB Type-C charging cable alongside 18W adapter. And this suggests that Apple will finally give the juice new iPhones that the previous-generation iPhones have been missing.


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On the other hand, Gizmodo made a few tests on the charging capabilities of various adapters on iPhone 8. Gizmodo stresses that these adapters are not a part of the bundle that comes out of the box. Given that people pay the amount close to one grand they still do not get a powerful charger. According to Gizmodo, any adapter above 12-watt can deliver fast charging to iPhone and later variants. Nevertheless, the results were a little different on the later models.

So, this is excellent news for the potential buyers of future iPhones.

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