Macbook Pro battery catches fire, Apple recall 15″laptops from sept 2015 to feb 2017

apple recall macbook pro for battery problem

Apple recall MacBook Pro

The Cupertino tech giant recalls a few of the older generation MacBook Pro. According to Apple, the 15-inch older MacBook Pro have a few battery issues which could easily catch fire. Apple came up with this revelation on Thursday.

Which MacBook models are at risk?

Moreover, this is a voluntary recall from the tech giant. Apple recalls the 15-inch pro laptop that has been manufactured from September 2015 & February 2017. The issues are confined to only the older generation of Apple’s MacBook Pro. Apple also said that the recent MacBook models with USB Type-C and Touch Bar are safe and sound.

The MacBook maker also said that the other MacBooks such as 13-inch MacPro from the same period aren’t at risk. In an announcement, Apple noted that some of the computers incorporate a battery that tends to overheat. And in the long run, the overheating of the cell might lead to catastrophic risk. Apple has also asked the customers not to use the affected 15-inch MacBook Pro until the batteries are replaced.

How is Apple going to tackle this issue?

By the looks of it, Apple has curated a website for the affected users. The user can run their 15-inch MacBook Pro serial number to know whether their MacBook Pro have been affected or not. If the search would say that the batteries indeed have issues, then Apple will replace the battery. The users can also reach out to the authorized service providers to avail free battery replacement.

Moreover, replacing the battery might take up to a week or two. And the users are asked to take a back-up of their data to avoid deletion. The fire risk is the latest issue which surfaced for Apple’s MacBook line. On the other hand, the recent Apple MacBook models feature a newly designed casing which accumulated several keyboard complaints since 2015.

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