Apple might redesign its watch family with Apple Watch Series 7

As per rumors, Apple Watch Series 7 is going to come with a redesign. It is going to feature flat edges similar to that of the iPhone 12 series. Reports suggest Apple is testing the new Apple Watch in multiple color options including a special green color.

A number of new rumors are popping out of nowhere for Apple Watch Series 7 so the Cupertino company might unveil the series later this year. Most of the rumors have one thing in common, the redesign story. It should be noted that the Apple Watch family received its last redesign back in September 2018. At that time, Apple launched Apple Watch Series 4.

Well known tipster Jon Prosser has shared the purported details about the upcoming watch series from Apple. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, he said, he has brought some renders to suggest the design of the new Apple Watch on the basis of the real images and CAD files which he has sourced from people familiar with this development. He also revealed that these renders are created by none other than well known concept artist Ian Zelbo.

Apple might redesign its watch family with Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7

As far as the redesign is concerned, Prosser indicated that the upcoming Apple Watch series will have flat edges. According to him, the screen sizes of the Apple Watch 7 series will be similar to what we had on the Apple Watch Series 6.

He also said that Apple has also tested some smaller bezels and larger display areas for this series. As discussed earlier, as per rumors, Apple is considering a green variant as one of its color offerings. This green might be similar to what was available on the AirPods Max.

Prosser noted that so far he has not received any codename details so it is possible that the renders in question might be of Apple Watch Series 8 instead of Apple Watch Series 7. Prosser said that recent reports and prediction by popular Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo suggests a redesigned Apple Watch might be available this year.

Most reports indicate that Apple is likely to launch Apple Watch Series 7 sometime in September.

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