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Apple makes the iPad 2 Obsolete

apple ipad 2

Apple iPad 2

The tech giant usually lists the products as vintage which has not been manufactured for more than five years. On the other hand, the products which are in use for more than seven years become obsolete. These devices aren’t any longer eligible to garner the service at the Authorized Service Providers of the company. Neither will the Genius Bar repair the old iPad 2.

And when it comes to the legendary Apple iPad 2, services are still provided for the vintage tablet-pc in Turkey and California. According to the local news, the Cupertino tech giant will offer services in these areas till 21st of March 2021. After this date, the Apple iPad 2 will stop being the vintage model and become obsolete all around the world.

The last product that was curated under Steve Job’s leadership becomes obsolete

By the looks of it, this is absolute sad news for the Apple core fans boys. The Apple iPad 2 was the last Apple product that Steve Jobs release before taking his last breath. The cellular, as well as the Wi-Fi-only models of the Apple iPad 2, have become obsolete. Both the models are quite identical to one another other than their connectivity options. And this is why repairing any one of these iPads is not possible after the recent development.

During the Apple event of March 2011, the world for the first time saw the 2nd generation of iPad. The iPad 2 was 10x faster than the original iPad, and it was a great looking device. Steve Jobs specifically came back from his health-related leave of absence to launch the iPad 2 during the event. Jobs said that the company has been working on this revolutionary product for quite some time now. And nobody could make him miss the event.

During the event, Jobs said that the 1st generation of Apple iPad was a great success. And the year 2011 was the year of copycats because every other company came up with a Tablet-PC.

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