Apple MacOS Catalina update full review

MacOS catalina update

MacOS Catalina update

The official name of Apple’s computer OS, the macOS 10.15 is macOS Catalina. Cupertino tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference showcases new developments, such as TV app, iPad as a second screen for Mac. According to Apple, there are some old apps that the new macOS Catalina might not support.

Apple updates the macOS during autumn

In the last five to six years, Apple has been updating the macOS during the autumn season. Moreover, the Cupertino tech giant’s OS update for iPads and iPhones comes out during the September event. On the other hand, Apple makes a few exceptions and releases updates for Mac in October.

The uniformity in update suggests that Apple has finally put forward a yearly deadline to add new features to macOS.

Did apply ever miss to provide users with a macOS update?

The macOS X updates didn’t release to the Mac computers in 2004, 2008 and also in 2010.

After this, Apple finally decided to switch to an annual update of the macOS from Oct 2013. Mavericks was the first OS and the most important innovation, according to some of Apple’s macOS developers.

So, this annual cycle of the macOS updates are the new things. Moreover, Apple doesn’t need to update the already robust OS annually, yet the Cupertino tech giant does. Every time Apple releases a new update the macOS becomes better, and the best part is, it doesn’t cost the users a dime.

Release date and reviews of Catalina

Catalina will come to life during the September update, and the OS will hit to all the Mac PCs and laptops around the world.

With Catalina, Apple will finally say goodbye to the conventional 32-bit apps. The users have to update to the new versions of the apps. 6th & 5th gen iPad; iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and 5th gen mini iPad; 3rd gen iPad and iPad Air 2 can work as a second screen for Mac.

Catalina will also feature a new TV as well as a Music app as the company is getting into making TV Business.

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