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Apple’s list of features for iPhones and iMac that are launching in 2019

apple iphones & imac features 2019

Apple iPhone & iMac features 2019

As of now, it seems like the Cupertino tech giant is getting closer to its goal of unifying the macOS as well as the iOS ecosystems.

Apple is heading towards the goal of bringing features of the acclaimed mobile operating system, iOS to macOS. According to the 9to5Mac’s report, Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time are going to feature in macOS in late 2019. Judging by the reports, Apple will most likely showcase the update during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2019. The update macOS 10.15 will feature the new update, according to numerous speculations.

The Screen Time Features of Apple iOS allows the users to set limits to the usage of the apps. And this feature will boost the already excellent performance of iMacs and MacBooks. The feature can easily be accessible from the System Preferences which is part of the macOS. According to the reports, the feature will work on Mac the same way it does on the iPhones and iPads. When the user reaches the preset time limit, they will get a notification and also an option to close the app.

After 2019 there will be a thin marginal between the features of iOS and macOS

Apple is also trying to bring another beneficial feature of the iOS to macOS. The company for the first time showcased the feature at the WWDC 2018. Apple calls the new feature as  Siri Shortcuts. By the looks of it, Siri Shortcuts is the result of Apple’s acquisition of Workflow. With Siri Shortcuts the apps can efficiently work with the virtual voice assistant Siri. The recent advancement also allows the creation of voice-activated shortcuts for the apps that the users use frequently.


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The update will make macOS a glorious computer OS around the world. The apps of the macOS will, in turn, make the apps more useful and accessible without having to touch anything. 9to5Mac also said that Apple is working harder to improve the desktop version of the voice assistant.

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