Apple launches the next-gen AirPods with Siri & wireless charging support

New Apple Airpods 2019

On March 20th, 2019, Apple shunned the world after launching the 2nd-gen Airpods. And this time the AirPods are going to feature wireless charging. People are going to have to pay a little extra if they want to opt for the wireless charging module. And this move brought Apple face to face with its significant competitors. Most of Apple’s competitor has already come forward with Qi charging module for phones & earbuds.

Nevertheless, from the entire puzzle, there is only one thing that is missing, and the product is Apple’s AirPower Charger. Apple had a great chance to make a re-announcement regarding AirPower, and however, the Cupertino giant missed the opportunity. Apple came up with the groundbreaking AirPower charger back in 2017. The AirPower came alongside iPhone X.

What is Apple AirPower?

Based on the announcement, the AirPower was an elegant solution that only Apple can come up with. The working principle for AirPower is that the modern-day charging is not going to be a part of wireless. With AirPower, the Cupertino giant said that a person could drop his iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on the charging pad. In the morning, the consumers are going to pick up all the devices that will be ultimately charged.

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Nevertheless, AirPower never came to life post-production, and with this, the first gen version of AirPod didn’t support wireless charging. It feels like the recent announcement regarding AirPods is making a doorway for the AirPower. Expects feel that as AirPods is getting wireless charging support, the AirPower might merely be on its way. Apple Watch, on the other hand, works with the standard Apple wireless charging. AirPods are coupled with Qi wireless charging which is great for the customers.

Given that Apple decides to launch AirPower, it might already be too late for Apple. Apple will start shipping the AirPods in April 2019.

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