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Apple is exploring its horizon on underwater photography on an iPhone

underwater photography in iphone

Underwater photography on an iPhone

By the looks of it, the concept of underwater photography isn’t a fresh cake out of the oven. Since the inception of waterproof cameras, underwater photography is a dream for both professional and rookie photographers. Both segments of the photographers have tried to excel in underwater photography. Some of the photographers around the world think that underwater photography provides some of the most creative shots.

As the technology keeps on progressing, the ease of capturing underwater shots became a mainstream concept. The Cupertino tech giant, Apple comes up with a proposal which will immediately determine if someone is clicking photos underwater. Apple is trying to make a segment of changes that come to the image for improving the appearance of shots. Mostly under the surface of the water.

Apple’s endeavor in bringing underwater photography to the iPhone

According to Apple, the moment the device perceives that a user is underwater, a group of sensors will start functioning. And this will furthermore determine the changes which a photographer needs to get better images. In the collection of sensors, the ambient light sensor is going to play a crucial part. It will look out for other items like the darkness of the water or how deep is the device underwater. On the other hand, the sensors will also detect how far is the subject from the lens.


The microprocessor on the device is going to make significant adjustments right into the image. And eventually, it will change the color for mitigating the lights absorbed, or that reflects from the water surface. And to make this concept come to life, the Cupertino tech giant has put a patent forward to USPTO. So, if this concept comes to life with the future Apple products, then it will come to the future iPhone. Most of the sensors which are embedded on the iPhone can potentially perform better underwater photography.

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