Apple is developing a higher-end and more-powerful Mac Mini

Apple is developing a higher-end and more-powerful Mac Mini
Apple is developing a higher-end and more-powerful Mac Mini

Acceding to the latest news, Apple is working on a high-end version of the Mac mini. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this high-end Mac mini will come with a more powerful Apple silicon chip and extra ports. Gurman came up with a wide-reaching presentation where he explained that Apple’s high-end ‌Mac mini‌ is positioned as a high-end version of the current M1 model.

The high-end ‌Mac mini‌ is expected to use the same chip as the next-generation MacBook Pro. It is worth mention that the next-generation MacBook Pro models are expected to come with an improved version of the ‌M1‌ chip with a 10 core CPU. Out of the 10 cores, eight cores will guarantee high performance while the other two cores will guarantee energy efficiency.

It will come with 16 core or 32 core GPU options. We can also expect this from the high-end Mac mini that Apple is currently working on. According to Gurman, Apple’s silicon chip will also support up to 64 GB of memory. If this is true then it is a significant increase compared to the current generation. The current generation model has a maximum of 16 GB of memory.

Apple is developing a higher-end and more-powerful Mac Mini

The high-end ‌Mac mini‌ will most probably come with four Thunderbolt ports on its rear. Note that in the current generation, there are only two such ports.

As per rumours, Apple is also working on a more powerful version of the ‌Mac mini‌ whose code name is J347. It is going to come with the same chip as the next MacBook Pro. It is expected to have four ports. It should be noted that Apple could delay or cancel the new mini’s launch because the company has done such things before.

However, there is enough space to believe that won’t happen because, from the company’s perspective, it would try its best to replace Intel chips with its own chips as early as possible.

Last year, when Apple introduced the ‌M1‌ powered ‌Mac mini, it retained the Intel Mac minis with two additional ports in the product lineup. The company did the same with the MacBook Pro and iMac.

Apple is expected to replace the current Intel-based ‌Mac mini‌ that is still on sale with the new high-end ‌Mac mini‌. This suggests the whole ‌Mac mini‌ product lineup is going to be transitioned into Apple silicon.

As per Gurman, Apple might delay or cancel the new ‌Mac mini‌ but the company will likely replace the current high-end Intel-based ‌Mac mini‌ with Apple silicon versions. Apart from reporting this, Gurman also disclosed a lot of information about the upcoming MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro models earlier this morning.

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