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Apple iPhone XR2 launch in September 2019

apple iphone 2019

Apple iPhone XR2 launch

The best iPhone with notch display, robust modern-day SoC, and revolutionary design is the iPhone XR. iPhone XR is the first & the foremost choice of the users because it won’t dig a hole in their pockets.

As of now, the attention of the people is shifting towards the iPhone 11. A piece of new information came to light which suggests that the iPhone 11 is the future iPhone XR. And heaven knows that it is worthy of getting excited for a new version of iPhone XR.

The neverending speculations of Apple iPhone XR2

Japanese site Macotakara, one of the supply chains of the Cupertino giant is the sources behind the new revelation. Macotakara believes that the new iPhone XR will have a dual camera setup in the rear. And Apple will add a telephoto lens which the company features in 2018 iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

If Apple is making the iPhone XR2 then there is a highly likely chance that people won’t choose premium iPhones. The tech enthusiasts are predicting that the Cupertino tech giant is going to raise the price of the flagship iPhones.

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On the other hand, new speculations suggest that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will sport triple camera setup. According to the speculations, the new triple cameras are extremely impressive. But people are not going to like the new tri-camera setup that will have a bulging square hump in the rear. The bulge makes the iPhone an incredibly ugly design. For a couple of years now, Apple has integrated dual-camera in a much more stylish way.

What’s new in the iPhone XR2?

Apple iPhone XR2 is going to have a new primary camera along with a fast charging USB Type-C lightning. Previously it was said that Apple would give a tri-camera setup to iPhone XR2. Nevertheless, it was highly unlikely.


People are going to question the reliability of Macotakara, but the source has become widely famous across the globe. On the other hand, Macotakara did not mention anything about the much-awaiting iPhone SE2. iPhone XR2 is going to be a smarter choice for Apple users.

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