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iPhone Flex – Leak of Apple iPhone suggests all new foldable iphones by 2020

apple iphone flex

Apple iPhone design leak

The Cupertino Tech giant’s new iPhone plans are going through endless speculations every other week. Given that the motivations of the leaks are sound, but the latest leak suggests an ugly iPhone of all time. By the looks of it, Apple is working on a new exceptionally radical iPhone with a very different shape.

For a long time now, Apple has been telling people as to how it will curate a foldable iPhone. The new iPhone will have a different screen orientation, structural integrity, and hinge design. On top of that, the new never-seen-before iPhone will feature cutting-edge internal dynamics that will make the glass fold. And now, Concept Creator, an exceptional tech graphic designer reveals the fresh innovation of foldable iPhone.

The all-new iPhone Flex

Concept Creator has come out with a new hinge iPhone Flex concept in a video. And video renders the aesthetic design of Apple to the form factor of the device. Concept Creator is pretty much sure that Apple is currently working on the iPhone Flex. By the looks of it, this is an essential step as Apple deliberately wraps the structural patents in misleading designs. And this protects the company.

And this eventually gave rise to a new iPhone form factor which has game-changing potential. The iPhone Flex features the same parts as iPad when the phone is not put on the portrait mode. And this also suggests that innovation is going to have a hefty price tag. Mate X from Huawei and Galaxy Fold from Samsung both cost more the $2000+. Nevertheless, their launch in 2019 made everyone sure that foldable phones are real.


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Apple and iOS have the upper hand on the Android OS as Apple can efficiently switch between tablet and phone modes. If Apple uses its recent breakthrough such as self-“heating flexible glass,” then it will curate the best foldable smartphone yet.

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