Apple iPad Air comes in the 10.5-inch display, and it supports Apple Pencil

Apple iPad air 2019

Apple iPad Air 2019

The Cupertino tech giant is going to bring back the acclaimed Apple iPad Air, and it’s big. Apple is also going to release a brand new iPad mini alongside the massive iPad Air. According to the reports, Apple will launch the 10.5-inch variant of iPad Air which will support 1st-gen Apple Pencil. Well, it doesn’t matter if a person has the Apple Pencil 2, they can’t use it with the 10.5-inch iPad Air.

Sources said that the new models of Apple iPad Air would sport A12 Bionic chip, designed by Apple. And this is going to give the new iPad Air a place between the large iPad & the iPad Pro variants. Apple will place a price tag of $499 on the new model of iPad Air (the basic standard Wi-Fi variant). And the cellular version of the iPad will be available at $629.

Apple still chose to go with the conventional Apple Pencil

Finally, after a very long time, Apple decided to replace the acclaimed iPad Air 2. The iPad Air 2 has been in existence for a couple of years now. The only massive change when it comes to the design of the new iPad Air is the bigger display. In the year 2019, if a tech giant like Apple states that their new iPad support 1st-gen Apple pencil, well this sounds odd. But there is a good thing that comes out of this. The latest move from Apple to make the fresh iPad Air compatible with Apple Pencil means each iPad supports Pencil.


The people who like to work on their iPads when they are traveling are in here for a treat. Apple’s new groundbreaking product will also support the Smart Keyboard of the company. The Smart Keyboard costs $159.

Apple.Inc didn’t opt for the A12X processor for the new iPad Air, so A12X is embedded in flagship iPads.

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