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Apple introduces a new credit card called the Apple Card in launch event 2019

apple credit card

Apple credit card launch 2019

The Cupertino tech giant, Apple shunned the world when it came up with a brand new product, the Apple Card. Apple has curated a new type of credit card which the company has curated on its own. The Apple Card has explicitly been curated to help the customers for leading a prosperous financial lifestyle.

Apple has put the Apple Card deep inside of the Apple Wallet app on the iPhone. With Apple Card, the customers of Apple will get a similar experience which is visible on Apple Pay. On the other hand, the customers can also manage their Apple Card right itself on their iPhones.

Apple Steps into the game of Microcredit

The company wants to change the experience that conventional credit cards provide. The Apple Card will simplify the process of application, provide better security as well as privacy, eliminate the necessary fees and the users are in for a treat. Apple claims that the users are going to pay less amount of money as the rate of interest with the forthcoming Apple Card.

The Cupertino Tech giant is also going to offer the customers with quite a compelling rewards schemes. Mostly when compared with the significant other existing credit cards. Jennifer Bailey, the vice president of Apple, said that Apple Card’s daily cash is like real-world fiat currency. The company promises that the users of Apple Card will be a cash back of 2 percent on every single purchase that they make with the digital card. On the other hand, the potential users of the Apple Card will get a 3 percent cash back on the purchases that they make on any of the Apple services such as Apple Music and Apple Store.


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In the event, Apple said that the card is going to feature on the market in the summer of 2019. However, the company did not speak as to who will be eligible for posses the Apple Card.

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