Apple iMac 2019 is 2X more powerful with intel eight core i9 processor

apple imac 2019

Apple iMac processor

On 19th of March, 2019, Apple has finally updated its acclaimed iMac product line. And this time the iMac is going to sport excruciatingly 8-core Intel 9th-generation processors. By the looks of it, this is the first time that Apple adopts the powerful Intel chipset and Vega GPU. The new processor and GPU are going to deliver a dramatic increase in performance both in computing & graphics.

The longtime iMac users are going to notice that their iMac is hugely faster than everyday tasks. Apple also promises that the new iMac will step up with the highly-demanding professional workload. The forthcoming iMac has a sleeker design, and it comes with the acclaimed Retina display. Users can expect quite an operation with modern-day connectivity, fast storage-memory, and the evolutionary macOS, the macOS Mojave. Apple made sure that the 2019 lineup of iMac will eventually become the best desktop in the world.

Tom Boger, the senior director of Apple’s Mac Product Marketing, said that the consumers would love the new iMac. The 2019 lineup of iMac comes with a massive bump in performance. And what makes the new iMac stronger is the 8-core processor and powerful Vega graphics.


With an addition to the 8-core 9th-gen processor, Apple will also release iMac with different core processor variants. Apple is going to come up with a 21.5 inch iMac with a quad-core processor. And at the same time, the Cupertino giant is also going to feature hexacore processor in the 2019 iMac. The entry-level iMac will deliver a promising 60 percent robust performance.

The tale of Radeon Pro Vega Graphics and iMac

With Radeon Pro Vega Graphics, the Apple iMac is going to deliver around 50% more graphics performance. And this will help the users for carrying out the graphics-intensive everyday tasks. Editing videos, developing a mind-boggling 3D content and designing the high-res games will become easier.

Apple also said that people are going to opt for the 5K display if they want to.

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