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Apple drops iPhone SE price by $150

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iPhone SE price drop 2019

The smartphone industry is the most competition communication industry in the entire world, period. Many mobile phone vendors across the globe are curating the best of smartphones. And the modern day smartphones are much more potent than an entry-level computer. Most of these vendors release the flagship devices with a hefty price. Some people even say that selling the kidney will help to get their hands on these phones.

Some of the big mobile manufacturers are Samsung, Apple, Google, and LG come with cutting edge smartphones. When people try to choose smartphones powered by Google AndroidTM it’s hard to select smartphones as there are many options. But for the Apple fanboys, the choice is quite simple, “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.” Moreover, some people are willing to sell their kidneys or invest a hefty sum of money on the iPhone. Who wouldn’t like to flaunt iPhone XR and XS?

Investing $1000 on a new mobile device is tough. Nevertheless, the previous generation of iPhones is still an excellent choice for people. And as of now, iPhone SE is available at a meager price tag. Currently, iPhone SE is available at $249.

The most powerful iPhone of the past

iPhone SE is a reminiscence of the critically acclaimed iPhone 5S. The smartphone is much compact than most of its prominent siblings. By the looks of it, SE sports the retina display and comes with a conventional Touch ID and the robust Apple A9 processor. Long story short, given that it is an old phone, it will still get the job done. Apple charges people with its innovative smartphones because of its rich OS and diverse ecosystem.

Nevertheless, the prices vary with respect to the colour of the iPhones and their Read Only Memory. The 128GB iPhone SE has a discount of $150 whereas the 32GB variant is available at a discount of $100.


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